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Established families and business leaders trust the boutique wealth advisory firm to multiply wealth and maximize estate value. Leveraging innovative and sophisticated financial strategies, they’re creating monumental financial impact. 

Movsessian and Kachani speak about establishing the firm, how insurance is a tool for successful business owners and real estate families, and the driving force of positive client feedback. 

Tell us about your professional background and why you started Aria Wealth Solutions?

Ara Movsessian: I spent about two decades in commercial and private banking, working with business owners and successful entrepreneurs on their credit needs. As Director of Private Banking for a major Canadian bank, I developed a specialization in borrowing against life insurance policies by ultra-high net worth Canadians. I funded more of these types of cases during my time than any other banker in Canada. 

Daniel Kachani: I am an innovative financial strategist with vast experience in the insurance industry…

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If you’re an entrepreneur, there will likely come a time when you ask yourself, “Do I need insurance for my business?” Launching a successful business or firm isn’t cheap, especially in the beginning. Paying insurance premiums every month on top of all your other expenses may seem like an unnecessary burden. But insurance experts say small business insurance is vital for just about anyone running their own enterprise. 

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“Anytime a business transacts with a customer, it does present an exposure,” says Cameron Chisholm, vice president and national director of Aon’s commercial business unit. “If you’re offering a product and you sell even just one product to a customer, it opens up the possibility of an allegation that a product hurt them or damaged their property, or didn’t operate in the way that it was supposed to…

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