EQ Bank review 2021 + MORE Apr 29th

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EQ Bank review 2021

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Table of contents

Who is EQ Bank?
EQ Bank—quick review
How to make deposits and access funds with an online EQ Bank account
What you need to know about the EQ Bank Savings Plus high-interest savings account
GICs at EQ Bank
How EQ Bank’s international money transfers, powered by Wise, work
What you need to know about signing up for an EQ Bank account

Sign-up requirements
Sign-up process

Online-only banks are increasingly popular due to their competitive, no-fee accounts, in concert with the increasing switch to digital spurred by COVID-19. With some of the most competitive savings and GIC accounts in the country, EQ Bank is helping lead the charge. 
As an online-only financial institution, EQ Bank can offer more competitive accounts because it doesn’t have the cost of managing brick-and-mortar branches. They can pass the savings to you in the form of higher interest rates and no-fee everyday service fees.

Account type
Interest rate

High-interest account
(Savings Plus Account)
Get this rate*

Promotional Rate: None
Interest Rate: 1…

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