How much real estate should you have in a balanced portfolio? + MORE May 7th

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What home buyers should know about the Canadian mortgage stress test + MORE May 28th

In late 2017, the federal government introduced a mortgage stress test for anyone applying for or renewing a home loan. But, if you’re like nearly half of Canadians polled by TD Bank in 2019, you may not understand what the test is—or who it affects.  And with the recent announcement that the s.... More »

You Lawyer May Be Overcharging You Jun 13th

Picture this: you’re buying a home or refinancing your mortgage. You hire a lawyer to facilitate the transaction. You decide to go with a mortgage that is NOT through one of the big six banks, like hundreds of thousands of Canadians do every year. Suddenly, you get a call from your lawyer. They wa.... More »
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Q2 2021 Bank Earnings – Profits Soar as Loss Provisions Plunge + MORE Jun 19th

The Big 6 banks saw profits soar in the second quarter thanks to strong mortgage growth and massive loan-loss provision reductions..... More »

Q1 Lender Earnings: The Recovery is Underway + MORE May 22nd

Some of the country’s key mortgage lenders unveiled their first-quarter results, which were positive across the board. The lenders were able to take advantage of a hot housing market, alongside improving economic conditions and reduced loss provisions. One highlight was Home Capital addressing.... More »

M3 Group Expands National Bank Partnership to Ontario Jun 16th

Ontario mortgage brokers at M3 Group will soon have a new edge, the right to sell another Big 6 bank's mortgage products..... More »
When investors talk about income-producing assets, the first that come to mind are dividends and interest, with capital gains a close third. But what about investment real estate? If you hold an asset allocation ETF, it will be chock full of stocks and bonds but offer little real estate exposure apart from a few publicly traded real estate firms. 
How much should real estate comprise in a balanced portfolio? While a principal residence certainly will be a big part of most people’s net worth, personally I don’t “count” it as part of my investment portfolio even though it can ultimately serve as a retirement asset of last resort, via home equity lines of credit (HELOCs), reverse mortgages or simply an outright sale when it’s time to enter a retirement or nursing home. If you take that approach, and many of my advisor sources do, then the question becomes how much real estate should you have in your investment portfolio, above and beyond the roof over your head? 
With Canadian housing prices soaring since the pandemic, those fortunate enough to have investment real estate may well be overweight the asset class…

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The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) has reportedly lost its title as Canada’s largest provider of mortgage default insurance. The national housing agency’s total market share has slipped to just under 30%, according to a report by RATESDOTCA. That marks a steep decline from CMHC’s market share of approximately 46% in 2019. Meanwhile, Canada’s two private providers of mortgage default insurance have seen their market share jump. Sagen reported a rise in market share to about 43%, up from […]

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