Marriage or mortgage: Which is the better investment? Mar 30th

Retirement planning getting you down? There are always smart ways to plan the financial aspects of your retirement.
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When investors talk about income-producing assets, the first that come to mind are dividends and interest, with capital gains a close third. But what about investment real estate? If you hold an asset allocation ETF, it will be chock full of stocks and bonds but offer little real estate exposure apa.... More »

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Weddings can be expensive, but so can many of the things that come after a wedding—like a home purchase, starting a family and saving for retirement. And so money is an important relationship issue even before a couple ties the knot. 
Both weddings and home purchases can both cause people to think or spend irrationally—especially amid the rush to “get in the real estate market” while mortgage rates are at historically low levels. How can a couple decide which is the better use of their hard-earned savings?
Let’s start with weddings. The costs associated with their Big Day can range drastically from couple to couple, depending on their wedding plans and the size of their family. The dollars differ widely among industry estimates, as well. According to Wedding Wire’s 2019 Global Wedding Report, the average Canadian wedding costs US$21,900—that is, $29,059 Canadian at the average 2019 exchange rate. Meanwhile, the consumer data company Statista pegged the average Canadian wedding at a much higher $42,401, back in 2017…

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