Reality-testing your financial plan + MORE Mar 16th

Not sure how to make a retirement plan? Read on…
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Taking on too big a debt load can leave first-time buyers house poor, unprepared for retirement and stressed by ordinary purchases for things like car repairs and vacations, Lesley-Anne Scorgie writes..... More »
Most of us go through life assuming we’ll reach a ripe old age—and that’s fair, because most of us do. But if you have dependents, it’s wise to protect them from financial fallout in the unlikely event of your death, even if you’re still young and healthy, by getting life insurance. Your age is a pretty big factor when it comes to the type of life insurance you should get and how much you’ll pay for it. Read on for some insight on this, and a few other factors that may affect your premiums.    
How old you are affects life insurance premiums
“People should think about life insurance when they think they need it the least,” says Natalie Trimble, financial security advisor and investment representative for Freedom 55 Financial, a division of Canada Life. “The longer one waits to get it, the higher the chances that they may experience a health issue. With health issues or lifestyle changes, the possibility of increased costs or maybe even a rating [where you are approved, but with higher premiums] is a direct result…

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Q. I am contemplating changing financial planners and I just met with one who seemed very impressive. Within about three hours he had everything laid out for me: the investments I should purchase, the use of life insurance, delaying CPP to 70 and more. Still, I would like to get a second opinion before I make my move. 
I am 63 years old and single, living in Ontario. My house is worth $1,200,000 and my investments are also worth $1,200,000. I have a small indexed pension of $17,000 and I expect full CPP. What do you think?
A. Many years ago, part of my training in the insurance business was to find a person’s hot button and push it! Is there any chance the planner was throwing out ideas in a similar way to hook you? There is nothing wrong with this, because before a planner can help you, you have to be aware there is something to be solved. (That said, I also think a big piece was missing in your conversation, which I will share with you later.)
Let’s have some fun by going through the common advice for people in your situation…

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