3 immigrants share how they achieved credit scores over 750 + MORE Oct 10th

All about Canadian credit cards. Learn the ins and outs and get the latest news.
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RCMP says free trial scams are fraudulent, but credit card companies make victims pay + MORE Oct 14th

Every week, Marketplace receives dozens of emails from Canadians reporting all kinds of consumer concerns and deceptive schemes. Here's an in-depth look at the one scam that has generated more angry emails than all the rest..... More »
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Earn up to 30% Bonus Aeroplan Miles when you fly Air Canada or Air China between Canada and China this spring Jan 11th

To celebrate the expanded partnership between Air Canada and Air China as well as the Canada-China Year of Tourism the airlines have launched their first joint frequent flyer promotion. The promotion sees a bonus of up to 30% being awarded to Aeroplan members who fly between Canada and China this sp.... More »
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Remove authorized users before filing for bankruptcy - CreditCards.com + MORE Jan 12th

When things start to go south, immediately remove any authorized users to prevent bad credit marks from showing on their credit reports..... More »

Taking Credit for UN Budget Cut, Trump's Envoy Hints at More to Come - New York Times + MORE Dec 26th

New York TimesTaking Credit for UN Budget Cut, Trump's Envoy Hints at More to ComeNew York TimesAt least four times in the past week, the Trump administration has linked financial support for the United Nations to compliance with American demands. First President Trump and his ambassador, Nikki.... More »

Planning through salary swings + MORE Oct 19th

Q: My income fluctuates quite widely from year to year. How do I plan for this and how do I handle the tax implications of such income swings? —David A: Yours is the challenge of many a commissioned salesperson or business owner, David. The thought of a stable salary and defined benefit pension.... More »
Immigrants can achieve high credit scores in the U.S., even though our system is confusing

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Your ex-business partner could be equally liable for the company’s credit card debt even if he was just an authorized user on the card. Here’s how to find out.

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