4 Tips to Avoid the Post-Holiday (Financial) Hangover + MORE Jan 4th

The “Big Five” Canadian banks offer credit cards and include Royal Bank of Canada, Toronto Dominion Bank (TD Canada Trust), Bank of Nova Scotia, Bank of Montreal and Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC). Did you know that there are many other options?
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WestJet continues Transatlantic expansion with new Halifax to Manchester flights + MORE Jan 17th

According the RoutesOnline, WestJet is going to launch service between Halifax and Manchester for the summer season on June 5th. This marks WestJet's seventh city that they will be serving across the pond after London (Gatwick), Glasgow, Dublin, Paris, Barcelona and Rome. The flights are slated to o.... More »

January 15 Update: How to earn 54,000+ Aeroplan Miles for free, new CIBC card offers & more American Express Cobalt Card Confirmed Multiplier Locations Jan 16th

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How Do Travel Rewards Work on a Credit Card? Jan 11th

So, you want to take a dream vacation. Is it worth it to rack up charges on your travel rewards credit card? This can be an excellent way for you to save money, but only if you can maintain a reasonable level of spending and pay off your debt in full each month. If you stay on top of your spending .... More »

Holiday Spending out of Control? Manage It Well for a Healthy Financial New Year + MORE Jan 21st

The holidays were glorious and brilliant, but the new year is here and so are the bills. You’re not alone if your credit card balances soared and bills are piling up. We’ve put together some tips to help you recover smoothly and avoid another spending hangover in the new year. Give Your.... More »
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Should You Use a Balance Transfer to Help Pay Credit Card Debt? + MORE Jan 9th

Many Canadians have high credit card debt. The prospect of paying off those balances can seem overwhelming. So, when a 0% balance transfer offer comes to your attention, it might be tempting. But how does a balance transfer work exactly? It can be an effective way to pay off debt, if used in combin.... More »
4 Tips to Avoid the Post-Holiday (Financial) Hangover
New Year’s Day has already come and gone, leaving us to “look forward” to Blue Monday, the (unofficial) most depressing day of the year. This year, Blue Monday falls on January 20, the third Monday of the month. The day is calculated by factoring in things such as weather and, yes, debt levels as people start to receive their credit card statements from December.
Maybe this year you – and your wallet – are feeling the blues from a holiday season of heavy spending. Paying down your credit card debt may currently be your number one priority with a new year’s resolution to be more fiscally responsible. So, instead of leaving your holiday planning to the last minute and putting everything on credit, you’re going to plan ahead of time… starting now! It may sound unrealistic – who starts planning for Christmas in January? – but the only way to avoid a financial hangover next year is by taking preventative measures today. Drink a lot of water and follow these simple steps to never have a debt-plagued January again…

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Before It’s Too Late! Best Credit Card Welcome Offers of January 2020
The new year has just begun, which means there is plenty of time to plan for the months ahead. Will you jet off to a sunny location? Decide to save money? Work on paying off that post-holiday debt?
The right credit card can help you attain your goals. Whether it’s a cash back, low balance transfer, or travel rewards card, welcome offers may help you achieve those objectives faster. You may be lounging on the beach, buying that new flat screen tv, or paying down your balance in no time.
To help you wade through the bonuses and deals, we’ve collected the top five welcome offers for the month of January. Most of these promotions run for a limited time, so before it’s too late, check out the best credit card welcome bonus offers for this month:
Our Top Picks:

SimplyCash™ Preferred Card from American Express: This is a great cash back card, with a “flat rewards structure” designed for individuals who spread their credit card purchases over multiple categories.
TD Cash Back Visa Infinite* Card: This card is beneficial for earning cash back on everyday purchases, with a whopping 10% cash back rate for the first 3 months, and an added roadside assistance feature…

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