Aeroplan modifies mileage expiration rule for the better + MORE Jul 22nd

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Aeroplan modifies mileage expiration rule for the betterIf yesterday’s news is any indication – the relaunch Air Canada Aeroplan program that is slated to come to us later this year is something to look forward to. An email was sent out to all Aeroplan members on Monday that revealed some changes coming to Aeroplan’s mileage expiration policy. In the point and miles world there are two types of mileage expiration rules. The first is miles that expire based on time (a mile had a lifespan from the month it was earned) and miles that expire based on activity or lack there of. Many moons ago, Aeroplan had both, miles had a 7 year life span so no matter how active you were in the program you had 7 years to use up a mile from the month it was earned in and they also had a rule that your account would be closed and all miles in it forfeited if you had no activity in your account for 12 months. The 7 year rule didn’t last long – there were class action lawsuits filed against it and eventually Aeroplan relented and got rid of the lifespan rule. They did sooner and in better fashion than their biggest rival AIR MILES who waited until a few weeks before miles starting expiring at the end of 2016 in millions of members accounts and after millions had redeemed miles for things they didn’t want or aspire for…

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Aeroplan Big Summer Miles Offers - Earn up to 150% bonus on Air Canada flights and up to a 40% rebate on Aeroplan flight redemptionsIf I worked at a loyalty program I feel like working at Aeroplan would be the place I would want to be at right now. Not only is it Canadian but right now they are making so many moves on so many fronts that they are the program to watch. I like to keep busy and Air Canada sure seems to be keeping their Aeroplan employees busy! Where other programs are sitting on their laurels and not really doing much during the pandemic Aeroplan has been doing the opposite. Working for one of those other programs would be boring and I’d be going out of mind twiddling my thumbs. Anyways let’s get back on topic here – more Aeroplan news. Now it’s a new promotion from the program that is broken down into two parts – both of which require you to register for beforehand which you can do right here.Part 1: Book and earn up to 150% bonus milesPretty simple – a systemwide flight bonus for flying on Air Canada, Air Canada Express and Rouge. When you book new flights within the eligible fares between today and August 4 for travel between today and September 30 you’ll receive up to 150% bonus Aeroplan miles…

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