AIR MILES Bonus Boom – Over 1,000 Bonus Miles available from participating partners February 6 – 12 + MORE Feb 6th

There are more credit card options in Canada than you can shake a stick at! Stay on top of the best rates and plans right here.
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February 21 Update: Receive a 4% statement credit on Rexall purchases with RBC Offers, Centurion Lounge in Charlotte opening on Monday & Air Transat 4 day seat sale to the U.S. + MORE Feb 21st

A new RBC Offers offer is out for those who shop at Rexall. This offer gives a 4% statement credit on all your Rexall purchases up to $1,000 during the promotional period which is January 30 to March 26. I received the offer for my WestJet RBC World Elite Mastercard. Hopefully you will be target.... More »
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February 19 Update: Swissport Aspire lounge now open in Ottawa, AIR MILES expands partnership with Samsung, more Cobalt multiplier locations + MORE Feb 19th

Back at the start of the month we let you know that Swissport was setting up to open a new Aspire lounge in Ottawa. Good news is that lounge opened up on Valentine's Day! Bad news is they don't have their liquor license yet! So for the time being there is no alcohol being served in the lounge. Th.... More »
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'Reaper of death' tyrannosaur was a massive meat-munching monster - CNET + MORE Feb 10th

'Reaper of death' tyrannosaur was a massive meat-munching monster  CNETNew 'reaper of death' tyrannosaur is the oldest found in Canada'Reaper of death:' Fearsome new dinosaur discovered in Alberta - Canada News'Reaper of death,' newfound cousin of .... More »

A Rare Fast Radio Burst has been Found that Actually Repeats Every 16 Days - Universe Today + MORE Feb 12th

A Rare Fast Radio Burst has been Found that Actually Repeats Every 16 Days  Universe TodayNewest FRB Could Be A Rosetta Stone  SETI InstituteUnknown source in space is emitting repeating radio signal - Insider  INSIDERMysterious radio signal from space is repeating ever.... More »
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Airport Reward Programs: What You Need to Know Feb 14th

After enrolling in brand loyalty programs, amassing frequent flier miles, and getting a credit card with great rewards, what’s next? Many airports have started offering their own rewards programs, earning you bonus points for everything from duty-free shopping to parking. Whether you’r.... More »
AIR MILES Bonus Boom - Over 1,000 Bonus Miles available from participating partners February 6 - 12AIR MILES Bonus Boom has returned for the next seven days! This time it is a longer period than we have seen before. There are lots of bonus miles offers up for grabs at AIR MILES sponsors across Canada. Once you get to the Bonus Boom page you can select your province to see your offers. I selected Alberta and there were 25 offers available from BMO to Rexall to Safeway.I’ll probably be able to snag one or two of these offers to score 150 to 200 bonus AIR MILES. I’m sure many of you will be able to do a lot better!Click here for complete details, the actual coupons and opt-ins!  BMO AIR MILES World Elite Mastercard

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Tips for Paying Off Credit Card Debt


Tips for Paying Off Credit Card Debt
Credit card bills got you down? That’s the trouble with paying with plastic. It is easy to spend, but not quite as easy to pay off the debt you accrue – especially if you are only paying the minimum each month. Carrying too much credit card debt can make it harder to get a mortgage loan for a house or finance a car should you need to. It can also be enormously stressful if you fall behind and end up in the crosshairs of a collection agency.
So, before you get any deeper in debt, it is time to get your financial house in order and develop a plan for paying off your credit card debt. Whether it’s working to bring in more income, budgeting, credit counselling, or a debt-consolidation loan, resources are available to help ease some of that burden.
Stop Using Your Credit Cards Immediately
If you are serious about paying off your credit card debt, then you better stop using them. Otherwise, you continue to add to the debt you are trying to pay off. Take them out of your purse or wallet, lock them away, or shred them if necessary…

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