BMO Rewards World Elite Mastercard first year fee waiver returns with 35,000 point sign up bonus + MORE Oct 2nd

The “Big Five” Canadian banks offer credit cards and include Royal Bank of Canada, Toronto Dominion Bank (TD Canada Trust), Bank of Nova Scotia, Bank of Montreal and Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC). Did you know that there are many other options?
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State credit card debt study: New Mexico, southern states carry heftiest load Dec 10th

A new analysis by found New Mexico carries the heftiest debt load in the nation. And Southern states took nine of the top 10 spots for states most burdened by debt..... More »

Southwest credit cards: Is the Companion Pass sign-up offer worth it? Jan 22nd

The Southwest Rapid Rewards credit cards' current sign-up offer includes the popular Companion Pass. Is the promotion worth it? Read on to see if this offer is good for you..... More »

Credit card surcharges: How they work, rules + MORE Oct 9th

Many businesses impose surcharges when customers use a credit card for under a certain amount. However, there are laws in place to protect you from being charged extra unfairly..... More »
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How can I help my financially abused, disabled ex-husband repair his credit? + MORE Dec 21st

If a disabled person for whom you have power of attorney is being abused financially, you can freeze his credit and contact the card companies to which he owes balances..... More »
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Loyalty Lesson Learned - Don't brush off reward programs + MORE Oct 19th

We welcome guest contributor, Matthew Couto - a Millennial traveller who left his desk job to travel the world. We learn a lesson from his travels and time off - using a rewards program credit card could have helped him save a lot more money by helping to pay off some of those travels. In this piece.... More »
Return of the best offer for an AIR MILES co-brand credit card - Up to 3,000 Miles, a companion ticket with no annual fee in the 1st yearWe see the return of the best ever offer for an AIR MILES credit card. Right now when you apply for and receive the BMO AIR MILES World Elite Mastercard they will give it to you with no annual fee in the first year which means all of the bonuses and benefits it comes with come to you at no charge.Let’s look at the sign up bonus. They have actually increased it with this offer of the first year free from the previous 2,000 miles to 3,000 miles! The 3,000 AIR MILES Reward Miles bonus is broken down as such: you’ll receive 1,000 miles on your first purchase and an additional 2,000 miles when you spend $3,000 on eligible purchases (pretty much your everyday spending, things like interest, cash advances etc. are not eligible) within the first three months of having the card.When redeeming for flights we value AIR MILES Reward Miles at 11 to 15 cents each. This means the 3,000 miles with this card are worth at least $330. Even if you only run Cash Miles and not Dream Miles you are looking at approximately $315 in value…

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Looking forward a weekend getaway? Start by picking the right time and destination and take advantage of the rewards and perks offered by your credit cards for a perfect trip.

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Nominees for the 2018-2019 Best of Finance Awards
Every year, carefully analyzes the Canadian credit card and banking industry and awards the best products at its Best of Finance Awards.
There will come various points in every person’s life when they’ll be required to make a financial choice. But when there are hundreds of banking products on the market, applying for a mortgage, a line of credit, a loan or even a credit card can be overwhelming. What features should you look for? Which product will help you save or earn more?
At, we strive to help every Canadian consumer find the credit card, bank account or investment product that best fits their lifestyle and budget. That’s we annually recognize some of the top products in the personal finance industry at our Best of Finance Awards, helping you – the consumer – ultimately find your best match.
In selecting the top nominees in each category, we examined dozens of products and took various factors into consideration, such as points, miles, interest rates, balance transfer rates and annual fees…

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Paying taxes with a credit card qualify as a purchase, which means you’ll earn rewards. However, the fees you’ll have to pay will most likely wipe out any value on those rewards. Do the math first.

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BMO Rewards World Elite Mastercard first year fee waiver returns with 35,000 point sign up bonusWe mentioned in our last podcast that we should expect some better credit card offers to come out in October and they are coming! The first is one that people always look forward to. Sure its for a card the in general gets mixed reviews but to get $250 in travel and four lounge access passes for no cost is a great deal. What deal is it? It’s the return of the first year annual fee waiver on the BMO Rewards World Elite Mastercard. The sign up bonus that you get after spending $3,000 in the first three months is worth $250 in travel bookings made via BMO Rewards which is a major source of contention, or so we hear from many of our readers but remember you are getting them for free so a little bit of hassle to use it may be justified. Then you get the complimentary LoungeKey membership with 4 lounge access passes that are worth well over US$100 alone. That means with this offer you are inline to score about $400 in value strictly for spending on the card. Remember though if you do plan on cancelling the card before you have to pay the annual fee in 12 months you’ll want to use up your points and the lounge access passes beforehand…

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