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August 19 Update: More Air Canada A220 route details, Targeted offer to earn 250 bonus Aeroplan Miles at Starbucks & more Aug 20th

 Last week we brought you details of the new Air Canada A220 routes that are coming (YYZ-SJC & YUL-SEA) and mentioned it would be flying some routes in Canada and to the U.S. prior to those new routes starting. We now know the routes and schedules for the plane and it is as follows (Sou.... More »
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Aeroplan Availability Alert: Lie flat business class seats between Toronto and Halifax for the Christmas season Oct 9th

For the Christmas season Air Canada is flying an internationally configured Boeing 777 once a day between Toronto and Halifax. If you have never flown international business class before then this is a good opportunity to do so. Sure it's only just 2 to 2.5 hours of flying but for 25,000 miles o.... More »

A Rare Fast Radio Burst has been Found that Actually Repeats Every 16 Days - Universe Today + MORE Feb 12th

A Rare Fast Radio Burst has been Found that Actually Repeats Every 16 Days  Universe TodayNewest FRB Could Be A Rosetta Stone  SETI InstituteUnknown source in space is emitting repeating radio signal - Insider  INSIDERMysterious radio signal from space is repeating ever.... More »
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American Express Business Edge Card Confirmed Multiplier Locations Feature + MORE May 22nd

You are probably familiar with a feature on our site entitled 'American Express Cobalt Card Confirmed Multiplier Locations' and we have now created the same thing here for the American Express Business Edge Card. If you aren't familiar with that page, it is a list of merchants that have been con.... More »
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Podcast Episode 65 - Coronavirus Update, Rogers Mastercard devaluation & Marriott Bonvoy Category Changes + MORE Feb 24th

Episode 65 - February 24, 2020 Coronavirus Update, Rogers Mastercard devaluation & Marriott Bonvoy Category ChangesThis week we cover a range of topis. We discuss the Coronavirus and how it is affecting travel, what travel and credit card insurance covers or does not cover, ai.... More »
Canadians love earning loyalty rewards, a fact which is evidenced by the sheer number of customer loyalty programs in existence. In addition to the countless rewards programs offered by credit cards and individual retailers, the emergence of fintech in recent years has spawned a large number of smartphone apps that can amplify your earning power even further.
One of the more unique entries into this field is Drop, an app which is downloadable to an iOS or Android device. On the surface, Drop is just another loyalty program. But it sets itself apart from the competition by making the rewards process seamless. In other words, Drop has automated the points earning process, making it something you don’t even need to think about.
Drop has been around for a few years now. Founded in Toronto by Derrick Fung, they launched their program in August 2015. A couple of years later, in October 2017, they expanded into the American market. Today the company boasts over 1 million users across North America…

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Canada’s Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards 2019Are you longing to be debt-free but struggling with high-interest cards? Then a balance transfer credit card, which allows you to move the balance off of some or all of your credit cards over to this new card at a super low-interest rate if you sign up (sometimes even as low as 0%) can be a good strategy for you. Just keep in mind that these great low rates are limited and when that period ends—often six months only—the rates will go back up.
The best balance transfer credit cards in Canada 2019

MBNA True Line Mastercard — 0% promo interest rate (additional fees may apply)
MBNA True Line Gold Mastercard — 0% promo interest rate (additional fees may apply)
Scotiabank Value Visa — 0.99% promo interest rate
PC Financial World Elite MasterCard – Honorable mention
What is a balance transfer – What you need to know
More on the best credits cards – View a complete list of top cards by category
Our methodology – For greater insight into our rankings

MBNA True Line MasterCard*
Free: No annual fee
Balance transfer offer: No annual interest on balance transfer fees for the first ten months (3% fee also applies)…

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