Do You Need to Insure a Car, Motorcycle, or RV That’s Sitting in Storage? + MORE Jul 11th

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Amex Membership Rewards: 30% Bonus Avios when transferring to British Airways Executive Club + MORE Sep 13th

Showing up earlier than last year we see the return of a transfer bonus from American Express Membership Rewards to British Airways Executive Club! Once again the bonus is a decent 30%!These transfer bonuses are the one thing many owners of hybrid credits cards look forward to as hybrid cards poi.... More »

Aeroplan announces positive changes to flight reward refund fees but temporarily claws back stopovers Jul 16th

The Air Canada Aeroplan saga, as we penned it, technically ended with Air Canada completing the acquisition of Aeroplan many months ago. What didn't end was Air Canada's commitment to launching a new, updated Aeroplan program in July of 2020. With only 1 year left in that timeline the Air Canada own.... More »

New offer for the CIBC Dividend Visa Infinite Card - 10% Cash Back for first 4 months & first year annual fee rebate + MORE Sep 10th

CIBC is taking on TD premium cash back offers with their own offer on their CIBC Dividend Visa Infinite card.  CIBC's offer is pretty much a match to TD with 10% cash back on $2,000 in purchases (so up to $200 cash back) and waiving the first year annual fee on the card. The only difference bet.... More »

Federal election 2019 roundup: Scheer proposes children's tax credit, while Trudeau promises daycare funding - National Post + MORE Sep 16th

Federal election 2019 roundup: Scheer proposes children's tax credit, while Trudeau promises daycare funding  National PostWhy isn't CBC News calling Justin Trudeau prime minister? Your Week 1 election questions  CBC NewsQuebecers ‘Like To Fall In Love,’ So Which Candidates W.... More »
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August 9 Update: Chase Canada to forgive all debt owed on their Canadian Marriott & Amazon Visa cards Aug 10th

Early in 2018 Chase Canada completely shut down their credit card business. At the time they only had two cards left in their portfolio, their Marriott and Amazon Visa cards as the other cards they had issued previously were taken over other Canadian banks. Although Chase was no longer issuing c.... More »
Podcast Episode 57 - What credit card should I get as a Canadian wanting to fly Southwest Airlines in the U.S.Episode 57 – July 11, 2019 What credit card should I get as a Canadian wanting to fly Southwest Airlines in the U.S. In this episode of the Rewards Canada podcast we review a question for advice we received from a long time fan of Rewards Canada and our recommendation for his situation. Our reader who lives in Southern Ontario has decided to ditch Toronto and Aeroplan and plans on flying Southwest Airlines out of Detroit. For him, a U.S. based credit card wasn’t an option nor was an American Express branded card. Listen to find out more about his situation and what credit card we recommended for him. Here’s a hint a for you – this is one of the stories we pitched to the client to get our podcast sponsored! We are proud to have this episode sponsored by the Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite Card! Earn up to $350 in bonus travel rewards in your first year with the Passport Infinite credit card from Scotiabank. And enjoy no foreign transaction fees (only the exchange rate applies)…

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Do You Need to Insure a Car, Motorcycle, or RV That’s Sitting in Storage?
Everyone thinks about car insurance in terms of road liability. There are hefty fines for driving without insurance, and you should always have coverage in case of a collision. But what about those seasonal vehicles or classic cars you don’t drive?
As it turns out, there’s good reason to keep those vehicles insured year-round as well. You will be protected in the event that damage is caused while the vehicle is parked or stored. . You can change your coverage so you’re not paying for protection you won’t need.
Protection for a Range of Hazards
Even off the road, there are a number of ways your vehicle could be damaged. Fire, theft or other damage are also perils covered by auto insurance. If any of these happen to you, the bill comes out of your pocket. That can lead to substantial costs, especially if you are storing a high-ticket item like an RV or classic car.
Future Premium Discounts
If you do cancel your insurance, you have to start it up again eventually. But you may discover at that time you’re no longer eligible for long-term policy holder discounts from your insurer…

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American Express bonus points offers for Amazon Prime DayOne of the most anticipated online sales events, Amazon Prime Day, will take place next week on July 15 and 16. This is such a big event that many companies want in on it and know that lots people will be shopping on those days. American Express is no stranger to this as they offered bonus points last year for Prime Day and are doing so once again this year! Here are the two offers we are aware of:The first is for the Cobalt card:And the other for the Platinum Card:These are some great bonus offers to take advantage of for some of the biggest shopping days of the year. If you have either of these cards (or both) check your in box for the email and don’t delete it! There are registration links in the email that you must click for each specific card to make sure you’ll earn the bonus points! This is the case for both primary and supplementary cardholders.Now let’s take a closer look at the offers:When you use your registered American Express Cobalt Card on on July 15 and 16 you’ll earn 5 points per dollar spent instead of only 1 point per dollar on the first $500 of spending…

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