Etiquette guide for 'refer-a-friend' credit card programs + MORE Feb 9th

All about Canadian credit cards. Learn the ins and outs and get the latest news.
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Aeroplan adds airlines and buck a beer falls flat: CBC's Marketplace consumer cheat sheet Aug 12th

CBC's Marketplace rounds up the consumer and health news you need from the week, including Aeroplan adding three airlines to its loyalty program, a researcher's recycling solution for the EpiPen shortage and buck a beer falling flat with Ontario brewers..... More »
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February 28 Update: 3 Great Scotiabank card offers coming to an end, Save up to 20% at select hotels in California & more! + MORE Feb 28th

Today is the last day to grab a few great Scotiabank credit card offers! Well it may be a day or two. One communication we have says these go into effect on March 3rd while some terms state March 1st so we are erring on the side of caution. The Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite Card (Cash back) will.... More »

Balance transfer card denied? What to do now + MORE Jul 19th

Your balance transfer can be turned down by card issuers for a few reasons, including a low credit profile. Here's what you can do to succeed at a balance transfer request..... More »

5 money and credit lessons from people who went bankrupt + MORE May 1st

Some top takeaways from a few who went bankrupt. Apply what they gleaned and you might be able to avoid your own trip to the courthouse..... More »
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The Best Secured Credit Cards of 2018 + MORE Jun 25th

A secured credit card is one that might require that you provide funds to guarantee the loan. Remember, a credit card is a loan, and if you have no credit, or bad credit, issuers might be reluctant to issue you a card. This is where a secured credit card comes in. If you are willing to provide a sec.... More »
If you’re new to credit, don’t apply for the first card offer you get as it may not be the best deal you can qualify for.

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You want that bonus, but you don’t want to lose your friend. Here’s how

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