Financial Institution Numbers for All Canadian Banks Apr 1st

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Financial Institution Numbers for All Canadian BanksYou can identify Canadian financial institutions by their bank institution number, which is always three digits long. Bank customers need this number anytime they want to set up a direct deposit or preauthorized payment or receive a wire transfer into their account.
How to Locate Canadian Bank Institution Numbers
The easiest way to locate the financial institution number for your account is by looking at a blank cheque. You’ll find the number between the bank transit number (branch number) and your account number in the micro-encoding at the bottom of the cheque.
For example, Royal Bank’s financial institution number is 003. You can see exactly where it’s located in the image below.

Regardless of the bank, you can find the institution number in the same place; if you have a cheque to look at. If you don’t have cheques, you can always contact your financial institution or ask a staff member at your local branch if you deal with a bank or credit union.
List of Canadian Financial Institution Numbers
You’ve come to the right place if you need to locate the institution number for a bank in Canada (including your own)…

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