How To Save On Back to School Shopping Aug 29th

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October 7 Update: Maximizing the elite status benefits from The Platinum Card from American Express and YYC's Chinook Lounge will close down when WestJet's lounge opens + MORE Oct 7th

Back in 2016 and again in 2018 we wrote some blog posts that highlight how you can use the elite status benefits from The Platinum American Express Card to get yourself even more status memberships. The posts are very popular but tend to get buried in quickly in the flurry of blog posts that we d.... More »
How To Save On Back to School Shopping
Back to school season is officially in full swing. If you haven’t finished shopping for your school-bound child, you’ll most likely be hitting the mall soon to get it all done. This is an expensive time of year for parents trying to get their children prepared for back to class. According to a survey by the shopping site Ebates, parents of post-secondary aged children expect to spend up to $198 per child and parents of pre-schoolers expect to spend $147.
If you have several children headed back to school in September, you could be looking at a several hundred-dollar bills to get them ready. This is the second busiest shopping season of the year. Only at Christmas and the holidays do we spend more. Many of us have already accumulated debt from all the summer fun we have been having. Don’t make it worse by racking up more charges on your credit card.
Shop at home first
Always start your back to school shopping in your child’s own closet. During the hot summer months, it’s easy to forget about what fall and winter items your children own…

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