How to Spot Credit Card Fraud and What You Can Do to Prevent It + MORE May 29th

There are more credit card options in Canada than you can shake a stick at! Stay on top of the best rates and plans right here.
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New welcome offer on the BMO CashBack World Elite Mastercard 10% cash back in your first 3 months and annual fee waived in the first year Jun 5th

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How to Spot Credit Card Fraud and What You Can Do to Prevent It
Credit card fraud comes in various forms and can cause a lot of damage to both your balance and your credit score. Often thieves only get away with a few hundred dollars, but sometimes they can manage to steal thousands. And when they do, it can take hours of hard work and communication to unravel the mess that they left in their wake. In the case of identity theft, the recovery process can take months, if not years.
Taking protective measures to safeguard your financial information can ensure your credit card details don’t fall into the wrong hands.
Ways credit card information can be stolen
There are many ways credit card fraud can occur. Below are some of the most common types of fraud.
Stealing your card
This is probably the least complicated way for a thief to get your credit card. Pickpockets and purse-snatchers will use your card to go on a shopping spree and sell the items in the future. Sometimes they tap your card for several small items or can figure out your personal identification number (PIN) easily and make larger purchases…

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Earn 5x Aeroplan Miles on all eStore purchases made on May 30 and 31As we mentioned on Wednesday Aeroplan has been promoting an eStore Mega Event for this coming weekend and the details are now out. Any and all shopping you do via the Aeroplan eStore on May 30 and May 31 will earn 5x the miles. This site wide bonus is over and above any other bonuses that you can earn including 5 extra miles per $1 spent for purchases via the Aeroplan eStore when using your TD Aeroplan® credit card, CIBC® Aeroplan® credit card or American Express® AeroplanPlus® Card.All miles earned this weekend should count towards the Travel at Home Air Canada Altitude status offer whereby if you earn 50,000 Aeroplan Miles you will receive Air Canada Altitude Prestige 25K status.Finally don’t forget about each retailers own loyalty programs as you can earn points in those as well with these purchases. Whether it’s Sephora’s Beauty Insider, Chapter Indigo’s Plum Rewards or Lego Points – you name it you’ll also earn those points. Learn more about and shop the eStore here. (At time of posting the offer wasn’t on the eStore site yet)

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How to Read Your Credit Report


How to Read Your Credit Report
Your credit report summarizes your credit history and helps lenders weigh your credit risk. Often your credit report is initiated when you apply for your first credit card. Over time it can help you reach your larger financial goals such as obtaining a rental agreement or mortgage. When you apply for a credit product, you may request your report to get one number—your credit score. But that detail is just one aspect among a long list of confusing text and alphanumeric codes. Credit reports can seem cryptic and hard for the average consumer to interpret. However, reading and understanding them is an essential part of maintaining good credit and healthy financial habits.
In Canada, consumers are allowed to request their credit report free of charge at least once a year from the two main credit bureaus, Equifax and TransUnion. Asking for your information from one reporting agency and then the other every six months can help you stay up to date with your credit report and ensure the information is accurate…

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