‘I’m just so furious’: Mother and son both fall victim to Equifax Canada hack + MORE Oct 21st

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Robin Harvey thought she was being financially prudent when she urged her son to sign up to monitor their credit files at Equifax Canada in 2013.
Her son was graduating from university at the time, and the former journalist pushed him to keep a close eye on his records while reactivating her account with the credit monitoring agency as well.
Unfortunately, that move likely exposed them to the very thing she was trying to avoid _ both received letters this week notifying them that their personal information, as well as account passwords and security answers, were exposed in the massive Equifax cyberhack reported last month.
“I’m just so furious, and I can’t believe it,” the Toronto woman said in an interview with The Canadian Press.
“I did something that I thought was helping him be a responsible, fiscal consumer… And it’s tragic that it turned out this way. It’s exactly the opposite of what I wanted.”
Harvey and her son are among the 8,000 Canadians whose personal data, and in some cases credit card details, was stolen by hackers in the massive Equifax data breach discovered on July 29…

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