Podcast Episode 51 is here! We discuss Canada’s Top Travel Rewards Credit Cards for 2019 + MORE Jan 29th

There are more credit card options in Canada than you can shake a stick at! Stay on top of the best rates and plans right here.
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Top 5 Credit Card Sign Up offers for February - nearly $1,400 in travel rewards with these cards + MORE Feb 6th

Here are the Rewards Canada Top 5 Credit Card Sign Up offers for the month of February! This is not a 'best' credit card list like our Top Travel Rewards Credit Card rankings but instead a look at cards that have very good acquisition (sign up) offers. As always when choosing a card you should alwa.... More »

Meridian Ushers in New Way for Canadians to Bank with Motusbank + MORE Feb 14th

Meridian holds the position as the biggest credit union in Ontario, and the third biggest country-wide. The company recently created a new subsidiary named Motusbank, a full-service digital bank that’s set to change the way Canadians handle their finances. What’s Different About Motusba.... More »

Rogers World Elite Mastercard Review + MORE Feb 9th

The Rogers World Elite Mastercard is a youngen in the Canadian market only being released in May of 2018. It is the premium version of the Rogers Platinum Mastercard that was introduced several years prior. That Platinum card underwent several changes over its short life with the .... More »

Fed: Card balances rose by $1.7 billion in December + MORE Feb 8th

Credit card balances increased in December, according to the Federal Reserve..... More »
January 29 Update: 100% Bonus when you convert Radisson Rewards points to Aeroplan and Aeroplan loses Toyota as a partnerCheck out the latest Radisson Rewards to Air Canada Aeroplan transfer bonus. Right now when you transfer points from your Radisson Rewards account to Aeroplan you’ll get a 100%. What’s curious about the promotion is the 100% bonus is split between Radisson and Aeroplan. Radisson will give 70% of the bonus miles while Aeroplan will give you the other 30%. Hopefully this posts correctly if you do choose to do this transfer. If you do, you have until February 15th to take advantage of the bonus. You need to convert a minimum of 2,000 Radisson Rewards points for the bonus to kick in. Points covert 10 to 1 so with the promo you’ll get 2 Aeroplan Miles for every 10 points. Find out more about this offer here. Speaking of Aeroplan, their partnership with Toyota apparently ended on December 31st. There is no news on the Aeroplan website about this, I found out when I took my Toyota in for service and pulled out my Aeroplan card. The service advisor advised me the partnership ended at the end of 2018 (even though the dealership still had a big Aeroplan banner hanging on the outside) Posts since our last update: Rewards Canada miles and points resources you should frequently check and bookmark RewardsCanada…

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The Mastercard Black Card bills itself as a luxury card charged with premium benefits – and a hefty annual fee. Is it worth it? Read on to see if the Mastercard Black Card is right for you.

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Super-prime accounts – those that consumers with the best credit hold – saw record purchase volume growth of 10 percent in the third quarter of 2018, according to the American Bankers Association.

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Podcast Episode 51 is here! We discuss Canada's Top Travel Rewards Credit Cards for 2019 Episode 51 – January 29, 2019 Canada’s Top Travel Rewards Credit Cards for 2019!This is a special week! We look at and discuss our 2019 Top Travel Rewards Credit Card rankings! Find out some of the details behind the rankings, the cards that came out on top and more! You can find the full rankings here! Click Here to download the podcast Or download/subscribe via: Links relating to this week’s topic: Canada’s Top Travel Rewards Credit Cards for 2019!

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