RBC says it has resolved technical problem with some credit card transactions + MORE Apr 7th

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OTTAWA — Many tax filers recognize that paying down debt or investing are smarter ways to spend their tax refund than splurging on a new big-screen TV or a quick weekend getaway.
But with household debt levels near record levels and interest rates starting to climb, the choice between saving or reducing the amount owed has become an increasingly important decision.
Those with refunds need to consider their whole financial picture when weighing the choice, said Andy Nasr, director and lead investment strategist at Scotia Wealth Management.
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“This isn’t just about investing, it’s about really developing a plan to preserve and accumulate wealth and that’s going to vary from person to person,” he said.
“It is going to depend on your objectives and your risk tolerance.”
If you have high-interest debt such as a balance on a credit card, using your tax refund to reduce or eliminate that debt should be the priority…

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When buying airfare for an unaccompanied minor, you may be able to pay with your card points and use a premium card’s travel credits to cover the added fees.

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TORONTO _ Royal Bank of Canada says it has fixed technical issues that affected some credit card transactions this morning.
Numerous people complained Friday morning via social media that their RBC Visa purchases were declined.
At least one person was able to use an RBC Mastercard as an alternative payment at the same location.
An RBC representative said mid-morning that the technical problem was investigated and resolved.
The bank said it regrets the inconvenience and encourages clients to contact RBC if they experience any issues with their cards.
Several people took to Twitter to complain about the inconvenience, starting about 7 a.m. Eastern Time _ about three hours before the bank said the problem had been fixed.
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