Scene+ changes redemption method for movies at Cineplex & three new Amex Offers out this week + MORE Aug 4th

How to go about securing the best rate and plan for your credit card in Canada.
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RWRDS Daily Update – September 29 + MORE Sep 30th

Here’s your Rewards Canada update! Your near daily dose of loyalty program, credit card and travel news, bonuses, deals and more. We had a really big update to our American Express Cobalt™ Card Confirmed Multiplier Locations feature! Over 25 new locations from Quebec have been added to the e.... More »

Another Stunning First For Webb Telescope As Its Detects ‘Smoke Clouds’ On A Planet Outside The Solar System - Forbes + MORE Sep 6th

Another Stunning First For Webb Telescope As Its Detects ‘Smoke Clouds’ On A Planet Outside The Solar System  ForbesAstronomers Discover Clouds of Sand In The Atmosphere of A Failed Star  ScienceAlertView Full coverage on Google News.... More »
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The no fee SimplyCash Card from American Express will see increased earn rates of 2% cash back on gas and groceries + MORE Aug 8th

Not only is the  SimplyCash™ Preferred Card from American Express seeing changes but its no annual fee sibling the SimplyCash™ Card from American Express is also being changed for the better The card retains its base earn rate with no annual fee but will now see accelerated earn rates for g.... More »
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Binance Review: Does It Work for Canadians? + MORE Sep 3rd

What Is Binance? Binance is the world’s largest crypto exchange and a leading blockchain ecosystem. More than 90 million users worldwide buy, trade, and store more than 350 crypto coins through Binance. But the platform has limitations that impact Canadian users, especially if you live in Ontario..... More »
The credit card to consider getting right now - August 2022We continue our monthly feature where we recommend a card to consider applying for right away during the course of the current month.  How do we pick which card should be highlighted? We’ll look at numerous factors however in most cases it will primarily be due to the limited time offer on the highlighted card ending this month or shortly thereafter. . In some cases, it may be different factors or a combination of factors. This month it’s the former however, where it is simply an offer that is set to end shortly after the end of this month. Disclaimer: This post is guidance provided by us for our readers – you don’t have to go out and get this card if it doesn’t suit your needs! We are at times privy to what the next offer will be on some cards and without divulging the details, since we’re not allowed to, you could consider this post a hint in some but not all cases.The credit card to consider right now – August 2022 The card to consider getting right now in August 2022 is the TD® Aeroplan® Visa Infinite Privilege* Card…

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Scene+ changes redemption method for movies at Cineplex & three new Amex Offers out this weekHere’s your Rewards Canada update! Your near daily dose of loyalty program, credit card and travel news, bonuses, deals and more. Scene+ sent out an email yesterday notifying members of a change in the redemption option for movies at Cineplex starting August 11. They are getting rid of the flat rate redemptions (1,250 to 2,500 points) and moving it inline with most other Scene+ redemptions of 100 points to $1. This will allow members to complete partial redemptions for movies in effect providing a discount or if you have enough points you can redeem for the full amount of the movie ticket.Starting August 11, 2022, Scene+ members will no longer redeem a set number of points per ticket type. Instead, Scene+ members will be able to redeem 100 points for $1 towards your movie tickets.*A quick look at some current ticket pricing shows this will be a slight devaluation when redeeming for some tickets but might actually work out better for some other tickets. Click here to learn more about this change…

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Aeroplan eStore Back to School event - earn up to 7x Aeroplan points Wow time sure is flying by! It’s already back to school season and to celebrate Aeroplan is offering up to 7X points for shopping at select retailers via the Aeroplan eStore.  The offer runs until August and includes retailers such as Sephora, The Bay, Simons and more. There is also a 7x points offer for the Apple store which only runs until August 7, 2022.The offerEarn up to 7x Aeroplan Points on all eligible purchases made at select retailers via the Aeroplan eStore. Valid until August 14, 2022 (Apple until August 7)Click here to check out the eStore 7X points Back to School offer  Click here to check out the eStore 7X points Apple store offer Not only can you earn up to 7x points per $1 spent via the eStore you can also earn extra points via the end retailer’s loyalty program (Indigo Plum Rewards, Sephora Beauty Insider, etc.) and also whatever points or miles you earn on the credit card you use to make the purchase. Since we’re talking Aeroplan, you might as well boost your balance by using an Aeroplan co-brand card! Image via Air Canada Aeroplan

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An unsung benefit that provides big savings on premium travel with major airlines as well as WestJet economy classThe Platinum Card® and Business Platinum Card® from American Express are famous for the benefits they provide to their cardmembers. From having the best airline lounge access to hotel elite status to annual travel credits, the cards are a traveller’s dream. However, one of the benefits that can be found on these cards that doesn’t seem to get much attention is the International Airline Program. Also known as IAP, this benefit provides discounts for flying on some of the world’s best airlines in premium cabins but it also provides discounts for economy class tickets on WestJet!With the Platinum Card from American Express and the Business Platinum Card from American Express discounts are available on the base fare for qualifying International First, Business, and Premium Economy Class tickets with participating airlines. Those airlines as of August 2022 are as follows:To receive the discount you have to book with Platinum Travel or online at American Express Travel and pay with your American Express Card…

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