Scotia Momentum® VISA Infinite* Review + MORE May 15th

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How you're not teaching kids responsible credit card use + MORE Aug 4th

Children are observers and parents unwittingly tend to do things just about guaranteed to show kids exactly what not to do with credit cards..... More »

Weekly rate report: Average card rate remains at 16.92 percent for third week + MORE Sep 19th

September 19, 2018: The average credit card interest rate held steady Wednesday, according to the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report..... More »
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Millennials more likely to discuss credit card debt than older adults + MORE Oct 27th

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Amex Membership Rewards to the new Marriott Rewards/Starwood Preferred Guest program conversion rate is here! Jul 21st

A question that has been asked by many and to which I have not had the answer to is 'What will the Membership Rewards conversion rate be to the new Marriott/SPG program"! Many American Express cardholders (primarily Cobalt and Gold Rewards Card) have been wondering this and now we have the answer:We.... More »

State credit card debt study: New Mexico, southern states carry heftiest load Dec 10th

A new analysis by found New Mexico carries the heftiest debt load in the nation. And Southern states took nine of the top 10 spots for states most burdened by debt..... More »
May 14 Update: Some lifetime SPG Platinums will receive new Platinum Premier status, Top 5 Credit Card sign up offers & moreGood news for some lifetime SPG members (Mark L., I think you may qualify) – As you know the new combined Marriott Rewards-Starwood Preferred Guest program will have a lifetime Platinum Premier level that was only going to be awarded to the top of top Marriott Rewards lifetime members with no option for lifetime SPG Platinum members to achieve this level. There was lots of pressure from those high end SPG members and now Marriott has made a concession whereby lifetime SPG Platinum members will receive the new Platinum Premier level if they have 750 nights and 10 years of Platinum status. Also if you hit lifetime Marriott Platinum by the end of this year you will also be grandfathered into the lifetime Platinum Premier level. Once January hits there will be no way of acheiving Lifetime Platinum Premier. Find all the details here  Posts since our last update: Top 5 Credit Card Sign Up offers for May Here are the Rewards Canada Top 5 Credit Card Sign Up offers for the month of May! This is not…WestJet reveals their Boeing 787-9 along with a new livery! Rewards Canada had the pleasure of attending the WestJet 787 Reveal event in Calgary yesterday…

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Scotia Momentum® VISA Infinite* Review
Attention MoneyWise readers! Sign up for the Scotia Momentum® VISA Infinite* card and, for a limited time, get $75 IN CASH via Interac e-Transfer or a gift card from upon approval!
Are you looking for a well-rounded, high-earning cash back credit card with travel perks and no annual fee for the first year? Who wouldn’t?
Enter the Scotia Momentum® VISA Infinite* – a credit card chock-full of features that can help you save money and make your life easier in a number of ways. While it may not earn any actual travel rewards, it offers the opportunity for a lot of cash back if used to its full potential – cash back that you can use towards whatever you so please.
The card also comes with some luxurious options only available to VISA Infinite* cardholders that can help enhance your travel experiences. There are also a number of travel insurance benefits and it’s eligible for Apple Pay, making it one of the best reward credit cards on the market today. It even won the Best Rewards Card award at our Best of Finance awards last year…

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Top 5 Credit Card Sign Up offers for MayHere are the Rewards Canada Top 5 Credit Card Sign Up offers for the month of May! This is not a ‘best’ credit card list like our Top Travel Rewards Credit Card rankings but instead a look at cards that have very good acquisition (sign up) offers. As always when choosing a card you should always take other factors into account other than the just sign up bonus, but when most or all of these cards are first year free, they can and do pay off even when you grab them strictly for the sign up rewards. In fact all of the cards on this list are first year free so you can try them out at no cost and decide later on if the card is right for you. All the while you earn the sign up bonus which can be used to subsidize your travels!No change once again this month in the cards in this Top 5 list. There does seem to be a bit of a lull right now in the market, just waiting for one of our banks to make the next big move. One offer to look at though, is one we said last month that would end but has been extended to the end of this month is the really good RBC Avion offer…

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