September 6 Update: The Platinum Card from Amex now offers Shangri-La elite status which provides Singapore Airlines status, Cobalt Multipliers updated and more! + MORE Sep 7th

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September 12 Update: Aer Lingus to start Montreal-Dublin service (a great Avios redemption possibilty), 5,000 Bonus Marriott Points in Victoria and more + MORE Sep 12th

Ireland's Aer Lingus announced their second Canadian destination today. Starting next summer they will offer direct flights between Montreal and Dublin with their new Airbus A321LR aircraft. The flights will launch on August 8, 2019 and operate daily. This is significant news for those of you us.... More »

September 13 Update: American Express discount for Air Canada flights, WestJet Flash Sale, up to 100 Bonus AIR MILES for Budget rentals + MORE Sep 13th

Check your emails once again for another discount for Air Canada flights from American Express. This one came for my Platinum Card from American Express and offers a 15% discount on Air Canada standard fares and up. WestJet's ultra low cost carrier Swoop is planning to introduce flights between.... More »

Weekly rate report: Average card rate remains at 16.92 percent for third week + MORE Sep 19th

September 19, 2018: The average credit card interest rate held steady Wednesday, according to the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report..... More »

Young adults shouldn't wait too long to get started with credit Sep 14th

Waiting until you're 25 to apply for your first card can slow down the path to adulthood, such as qualifying for a car loan or apartment lease..... More »
September 6 Update: The Platinum Card from Amex now offers Shangri-La elite status which provides Singapore Airlines status, Cobalt Multipliers updated and more!Following suit of what we saw on the U.K. version of The Platinum Card from American Express earlier this year, our Canadian version of the card now provides Jade Elite Status in the Shangri-La Hotels Golden Circle program. This new benefit continues to enhance the hotel elite offers the card provides including status with Marriott (SPG), Radisson, and Hilton. Albeit the SPG Gold status the card provides is worth less now not because of Amex but due to the changes in the new combined Marriott Rewards SPG program. Remember as well that the statuses you get automatically with the card can be parlayed into status in other programs. We covered it in this post: Get elite status with at least six hotel reward programs with The Platinum Card from American Express (which needs some serious updating now as there are even more programs matching status and we’ll do that shortly)You can find out more about the Shangri-La status here and get more info on The Platinum Card here. Of note, Shangri-La has a partnership with Singapore Airlines in the likes of Marriott’s with United and how SPG had with Delta, Emirates etc…

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Your credit card’s travel insurance may not cover injuries sustained while taking part in a protest or riot, driving under the influence, skydiving, or due to a pre-existing medical condition.

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Taking an extra minute or two to browse through your card’s online shopping portal can yield even more cash back.

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What’s Your Financial Personality? The MoneyWise Guide to Becoming Financially Saavy
There are certain things that you just don’t learn in school; like how to fold a fitted sheet, how to network, or how to make a budget. Yet, you’ll probably spend a good chunk of your life doing all of the above (especially folding the fitted sheet).
That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to create a guide, breaking down some of the most common financial subjects that may confuse those who have never made a budget, or want to start investing, or have no idea what their credit score means – nevertheless where to find it.
The MoneyWise Guide to Becoming Financially Saavy is the key to mastering the basics of personal finance, giving you the resources to navigate simple budgeting, investing and credit building.
And when it comes to personal finances, we all have different views on how to spend and save our own money. A person’s “money attitude” – one’s psychological regard for money – plays an important role in financial decision-making. According to research published in the International Journal of Social Science and Economic Research, there are seven personality types that can be used to describe a person’s money beliefs and behaviours…

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