The new AIR MILES Flights is here! A hands on look at the value of flights in the new program (Part 2) + MORE Nov 18th

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Aeroplan adding Oman Air as its newest airline partner + MORE Dec 2nd

 During yesterday's event that Air Canada and Chase held to reveal their new U.S. co-brand card Air Canada also announced that two new airlines will be joining Aeroplan as partner airlines. Only one of those was revealed during the event and that airline is Oman Air. The airline becomes the 44t.... More »

RBC Avion Visa Infinite Business offer of 35,000 welcome points will end on November 30 + MORE Nov 23rd

 While RBC did extend the 35,000 bonus point offers on their consumer Avion cards to April of next year they have decided to end the offer on the Business version on November 30. That means there's only one week left to grab the RBC Avion Visa Infinite Business card with its 35,000 point welcom.... More »
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What can you claim on your income taxes: 7 deductions not to miss + MORE Dec 1st

There are some tax deductions and credits you know you should claim on your income tax return every year. It’s unlikely you’ll ever forget to deduct your RRSP contributions, for example, and claiming a tax credit for your charitable donations is a no-brainer. But other claims can be easy to over.... More »
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AIR MILES Shops Black Friday offer: 20x miles sitewide for shopping online + MORE Nov 25th

 The AIR MILES Shops Black Friday offer is an amazing 20x miles sitewide. For most purchases made via the portal this means you'll earn 1 mile per dollar spent. That's a far cry from the 1 for $20 that's normally seen.  This offer is available until November 29 and it can be tied into the.... More »

New Amex Offers for Amazon and Parachute + MORE Nov 22nd

 Its Monday so that typically means time for some new Amex Offers and sure enough there were two new promotions added. The first which I'm sure many will be happy about is an Amazon Offer and the second is for Parachute which is a home goods merchant.  I received the Amazon offer on my Gol.... More »
November 18 Update: Lynx Air to become Canada's latest Ultra Low Cost Carrier and Wyndham Rewards offering 3x points for online shoppingHere’s your Rewards Canada Daily update! Your daily dose (or near daily dose) of loyalty program, credit card and travel news, bonuses, deals and more. This update is brought to you by the HSBC World Elite Mastercard which is currently offering a welcome bonus of up to 100,000 bonus points worth $500, has no foreign transaction fees and no annual fee in the first year!  The on again off again ultra low cost carrier from Calgary’s EnerJet looks to be finally taking off! News was released that the oilfield charter carrier will launch their new ULCC airline Lynx Air in 2022. They will start with three Boeing 737 Max aircraft based in Calgary and have a orders in place for up 46 planes in total. Basing in Calgary is a good option seeing that Flair and Swoop have chosen other cities as their hubs and the yet to launch Canada Jetlines will be based in Vancouver. Now this does raise the question can Canada support all these airlines? We have the two big players in  Air Canada and WestJet, then you have Porter who are in the midst of a big expansion that will see them flying nationwide and then all the low cost carriers Flair, Swoop, Lynx and Canada Jetlines…

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Air Canada's Black Friday Event is here with flight discounts & bonus points, online shopping bonuses, gift card bonuses and so much more! While some airlines may only offer a discount for Black Friday Air Canada is a little different. They like to do it up and go all out with their Black Friday offers. We have discounts and bonuses for flying with Air Canada, bonuses for online shopping, discounts on vacations, car rentals and much more. We’ve listed them all below or you check them out on Air Canada’s site.✈ Rwrds Reminder: RC’s 2021 Black Friday / Cyber Monday / Holiday deals!  Click here to see all the deals ✈The offers:Flight DiscountSave up to 20% to all Air Canada destinations for travel November 18 to June 30, 2022. Book by November 28, 2021. Blackout dates are December 16, 2021 to January 6, 2022 and February 26 to March 20, 2022.  Click here for more details on the flights offer Flight Booking Bonus PointsAll booking made during the Black Friday sale are eligible to earn their share of 20 million Aeroplan points when you use promo code 20MILLION on your booking. All Aeroplan members who use the code will be guaranteed 1,000 bonus points per booking but it can be higher…

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The new AIR MILES Flights is here! New dynamic pricing model plus the ability to book any fare class, flights outside of Canada & more! (Part 1)The much anticipated launch of AIR MILES new flight booking platform has finally happened! The new booking platform was first announced back in early October as part of a wider swath of changes to the programs however is the Flight portion where the biggest changes are happening! We covered most of what would be expected from the new AIR MILES Flights before but now have further details and insight into them.As we reported in October the new AIR MILES Flights booking platform will operate as follows (just a quick outline as I didn’t want to rehash everything here again)Completely dynamic pricing (gone are the reward charts and zones) which means the amount of miles required will follow the cash price of the ticket. Cheaper fares will require less miles, expensive fares will require more milesYou can choose to either pay cash (well with a credit card) or with miles for your flights. AIR MILES Flights displays both options for youIf you do pay with cash you will earn AIR MILES Rewards Miles for booking those flights via AIR MILES Flights…

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The new AIR MILES Flights is here! A hands on look at the value of flights in the new program (Part 2)Welcome to Part 2 of our coverage of the new AIR MILES Flights program. In Part 1 we highlighted once again what the new AIR MILES flights provides from dynamic pricing to booking in any fare class and more. As promised we said we would dissect the new dynamic rewards to see what value each AIR MILES Rewards Mile will have when compared to the old flights program.Click here to read Part 1 of our coverageWe’ll jump right into the booking system and the values. We picked some random routes to compare the old booking platform to the new one and then we also looked at the new options of booking any fare class and also flights outside of Canada.We then end it off with the outsized value redemption we discussed in Part 1. Now do remember these are only a small handful of thousands of possible flights you can book now so it only gives a small snapshot of value and your results and valuations may vary from what we found.Calgary to VancouverIn the old system we checked Calgary to Vancouver for four people and on all the random dates we searched we could not find a redemption at the old base reward chart value of 1,300 miles…

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AIR MILES Bonus Boom Boost starts today - earn up to 800 bonus miles + be entered to win up to 1 million miles Not only did AIR MILES launch their new AIR MILES Flights booking platform today (read our coverage in Part 1 and Part 2) they also launched Bonus Boom Boost today! This is an expanded take on their usual Bonus Boom promotions as the stakes are higher – that is bigger bonuses, a longer period to earn those bonuses and a chance to win up to 1 Million Reward Miles!You’ll notice  Bonus Boom Boost is similar to the old AIR MILES Mega Miles events as there are multiple stages of bonuses available rather than the standard Bonus Boom collect 3 and earn 95 miles offer.  Here are the bonus offers with AIR MILES Bonus Boom Boost: Get 400 Bonus Miles when you use 4 different offers Get 600 Bonus Miles when you use 6 different offers Get 800 Bonus Miles when you use 8 different offersThis time you do have to collect at least 4 different offers instead of 3 however the bonus much bigger if you do. Of course if you get to higher level the bonus grows even more where you can earn up to 800 miles…

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