Using the Scotiabank Gold American Express card to redeem for any travel – whale watches included! + MORE Apr 16th

The “Big Five” Canadian banks offer credit cards and include Royal Bank of Canada, Toronto Dominion Bank (TD Canada Trust), Bank of Nova Scotia, Bank of Montreal and Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC). Did you know that there are many other options?
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Aeroplan update from Air Canada - fewer miles for Market Fare Flight Rewards and more + MORE May 1st

Here is the latest news on Air Canada's takeover of Aeroplan. It is dated May 1 but it is already up on the Aeroplan website:Back in January, we shared the news that Air Canada had completed its acquisition of Aeroplan, delivering on our promise to keep your Aeroplan Miles safe, and bringing .... More »

May 2 Update: Earn up to 1,000 Free Stash Hotel Rewards points, Double Elite Night Credit Offer from Global Hotel Alliance & more! + MORE May 3rd

 Yesterday we brought you the details of Stash Rewards bonus points offer for stays at the Harrison Beach Hotel in B.C.. There is also another offer to make you aware of where you can earn up to 1,000 Stash Rewards points absolutely free. You simply need to suggest new independent hotels to .... More »
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July 12 Update: Aeroplan mileage accumulation changes on Asiana, Destination Hotels joining World of Hyatt in August, 20x PC Optimum Points at Shoppers on July 13 Jul 12th

Aeroplan has adjusted mileage accumulation for select fare classes on Asiana Airlines. These changes take effect on July 15. (Source Aeroplan)Earn 50% of the miles you fly in booking classes H, E, Q, K or S. For travel until July 14, 2019, earn 100%Earn 25% of the miles you fly i.... More »
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June 20 Update: Qantas revamps their Frequent Flyer program, Azore Airlines now codeshares on WestJet flights & more + MORE Jun 21st

Australia's Qantas announced a revamp of their Frequent Flyer program today. As it is not a major player in our market (they do serve Vancouver) we won't go into huge detail on the changes but here is an overview of what is happening:More award seat availability - adding more than 1,000,000 seats.... More »
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What to do with a monetary advance on your inheritance + MORE May 28th

Q. My amazing parents are downsizing and have decided to gift my husband and me $200,000. It’s nice for us but leaves me with a lot of questions. My husband and I are 37 years old and have been happily married for 15 years. We have no credit card debt, and just $12,000 on a credit line we used for.... More »
April 15 Update: A reminder that the mostly negative changes to Starbucks Rewards and Cineplex SCENE take place this weekJust a friendly reminder that today is the last day for flat rate rewards at Starbucks! Starting tomorrow the new redemption schedule kicks in with Starbucks Rewards. The best redemption options in the current program (fancier drinks and food) will cost you more Stars as of tomorrow. Granted there are now some lower priced options where rewards will start at 25 Stars and go up versus the current 125 Stars for any item. I used up all my rewards over the past week (about 9 in total) for the drinks and food we like. Came at the right time as we were on the road a lot for our kid’s activities! You can read all about the changes in our post Starbucks Rewards – Changes confirmed to be coming April 16 and they’re both good and bad (mostly bad) While we’re on the topic of changes, here is also a reminder that following Starbucks’ changes on Tuesday, the changes to the Cineplex SCENE program kick in on Wednesday April 17. Once again the changes are pretty much for the worse. You can read all about it here: Cineplex’s SCENE program changing earn and burn rates on April 17 – significantly devalues current balances and the SCENE Visa CardPosts since our last update:Using the Scotiabank Gold American Express card to redeem for any travel – whale watches included! Today we welcome the second post from Rewards Canada contributor Jeff W…

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What to Do After Your Identity is Stolen?
Identity theft is a global crime where your personal or financial information is stolen to commit fraud in your name. It leads to severe financial and legal struggles. Identity thieves look for any of the following information:

Full name
Social insurance number (SIN)
Driver’s license number
Home address
Mother’s maiden name
Credit card information
Username and password of online accounts
Health card number
Passport number

A combination of this information can be used to commit a wide range of identity theft crimes.
How do you know if your identity is stolen?

If you receive calls from collection agencies about unfamiliar financial accounts
Inquiries from unfamiliar companies seeking personal information
Notifications from credit cards or banks stating that they have accepted or declined a credit application, you did not issue
Credit card statements reflecting unusual purchases

An effective way to catch it early is by monitoring your financial accounts and getting credit reports issued by two national credit bureaus, Equifax and TransUnion, at regular intervals…

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Using the Scotiabank Gold American Express card to redeem for any travel - whale watches included!Today we welcome the second post from Rewards Canada contributor Jeff W.! Jeff has been a long time reader of Rewards Canada and we’ve had lots of discussions with him via email and Twitter as he is always looking to maximize his credit card, travel and other loyalty program rewards! This is his second post of several that will look at how he utilizes the Scotiabank Gold American Express card!Hey fellow Rewards Canada Readers!  This is now my second time writing for Rewards Canada.  My first post was in regard to earning points on my Scotiabank Gold Amex card.  This time around, I’ll be delving into the redemption side of things. Read Jeff’s first post here:  A closer look at how a Winnipegger maximizes his Scotiabank Gold American Express Card purchases To recap, if you missed my first article, I’ve always been intrigued by rewards credit cards as well as loyalty programs.  We’re a family of 4, with two young kids, I’d say with an average family income…

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