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July 9 Update: 500 bonus points for stays at the Hyatt Place Kelowna, Last day for the BMO Rewards Mastercard 20,000 point bonus & Wyndham Rewards lowers elite qualification requirements + MORE Jul 10th

Yesterday we wrote about the new Hyatt Place Kelowna that will open next week. What I forgot to mention in that post is that the hotel falls under Hyatt's new hotel bonus offer where you can earn 500 bonus World of Hyatt points per night. The bonus runs until October 30 and there is no need for .... More »

The South Pole Wall: 100 Million Billion Stars Are Found Hiding in the Milky Way - Science Times + MORE Jul 11th

The South Pole Wall: 100 Million Billion Stars Are Found Hiding in the Milky Way  Science TimesBeyond the Milky Way, a Galactic Wall  The New York TimesAstronomers discover South Pole Wall, a gigantic structure stretching 1.4 billion light-years across  Livescience.comA.... More »

Space mystery: Scientists spot 'unexpected class of astronomical objects' - + MORE Jul 12th

Space mystery: Scientists spot 'unexpected class of astronomical objects' Discover Unexplained Glowing Circles of Energy in Space  VICEAstronomers Baffled by Mysterious Ring-Shaped Objects in Deep Space  FuturismAstronomers Spot Odd Space Object.... More »
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New Amex Offers for Ivanhoe Cambridge Gift Cards and Robinson Lighting + MORE Jul 7th

Two new Amex Offers offers showed up in my account today for the Platinum Card from American Express and my wife's Marriott Bonvoy American Express card account:The first one is really the stand out offer and you should log in to your account right away to see if you have been offered it as it is li.... More »

July 7 Update: BMO card changes coming later this week, AIR MILES adds All Purpose Realty as a partner & closure of NEXUS enrollment centers extended + MORE Jul 8th

Have you been contemplating the BMO No Fee Rewards Mastercard with its 20,000 point bonus? Grab it now as that offer will change on Friday! On the other hand if you have been thinking about the card's sibling, the BMO Rewards World Elite Mastercard wait to apply for it. The sign up offer gets b.... More »
June 18 Update: Aeroplan extends cancellation policy to August 31 while they doled out over 5.5 billion miles during Travel at Home & how you can earn 2,800 AIR MILES for freeAeroplan has extended their generous cancellation policy to August 31. You can book your award flights and if you need to cancel you’ll receive a full refund of the miles and taxes and fees paid without any fees. This extension is great seeing that there will be an onslaught of bookings thanks to the 50% back sale Aeroplan launched yesterday! This means you can go ahead and book as many flights as you like proactively and have the peace of mind you can cancel them.  Learn more about Aeroplan’s cancellation policy here.Continuing on with Aeroplan they also supplied us with an infographic detailing the success of their Travel at Home campaign. Can you believe that over 5.5 billion miles were earned during that short time span? This is setting fear in some that it will really push a devaluation of the program when it relaunches in Q4. Only time will tell if that will be the case and seeing that more of the popular redemption options will be moving toward their market fare style rewards we may definitely see this happen…

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AIR MILES Bonus Boom is now live - earn bonus miles with participating partners until July 1The latest AIR MILES Bonus Boom event kicked off today with a whole bunch of bonus miles offers for various AIR MILES partners. Most of the bonuses are available between June 18 and July 1 although several like the AIR MILES Hotels have already been in market and will continue to be in market past the main promotional period. This version also has an nice extra bonus of 95 miles when you use three different Bonus Boom offers.There is the potential to earn over 1,000 bonus miles with all the offers but in reality most collectors will be earning 50 to several hundred miles. It really depends on what shopping you need to get done – for example if you do need something like a Samsung phone you can earn up to 500 bonus miles just with them. While AIR MILES Mastercard holders can earn 75 to 125 bonus miles when they meet minimum spend requirements at AIR MILES partners. And the most important one – there are some good grocery store offers with places like Foodland, Safeway, Sobeys and so on…

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Your complete guide to TD credit card accelerator offersIf you are a TD credit card holder, chances are you saw an email come through in May letting you know that your card will receive a boost in earning in response to the current situation.We had learned sometime ago about this offer being available on the TD Aeroplan cards thanks to  one of our readers and detailed it in a post in May.Turns out this good will gesture from TD isn’t limited to their Aeroplan cards – it is in fact available on all of their reward credit cards. We have now been able to compile all the offerings and present them to you here:If you already have a TD Credit card, this offer has already been applied to your card!Note: all of these offers end August 15, 2020TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite CardTD Rewards Visa2X the points when you order food and grocery deliveries from:Cartly, Chanmao Inc., Chefs Plate, Cook it, Cornershop, CultivatR, DoorDash, GOcery, GoJava, Goodfood, Grocery Gateway, HelloFresh, INABUGGY, Instacart, Just Eat, metro…

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Visa vs. Mastercard: What are the differences (and do they really matter)?A frequent question we hear at MoneySense is: Which is better—Visa or Mastercard? When looking for a credit card, there are all sorts of things to consider. What is the interest rate? Can you collect rewards points or get cash back for making purchases? Is there a bonus for signing up, and what are the perks and benefits included? Believe it or not, the answer to these questions is likely not going to depend on whether you go with a Visa or Mastercard. In this article, we’ll lay out the facts and show you why the badge on your plastic probably doesn’t matter.

Mastercard vs. Visa: Overview
1. Visa and Mastercard don’t issue their own credit cards
It might seem counterintuitive, but neither Visa nor Mastercard directly distribute credit cards. Both of these companies are processing networks that partner with card issuers like banks, credit unions, or other financial institutions to get their cards to the public. And it’s the actual card issuer, not the processing network, that sets most of the terms like interest rates, rewards and annual fees…

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