Car-tracking device could lower premiums, insurers claim + MORE Jun 7th

How to go about securing the best policy for your insurance in Canada.
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Intact restores insurance after cancellation: Roseman + MORE Jan 22nd

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Manulife softens spinoff speculation amid leadership transition + MORE Aug 11th

Outgoing CEO tempers enthusiasm for sale of John Hancock insurance and wealth management division as his successor eyes stronger returns on U.S. sales .... More »

Crazy Celebrity Insurance Policies (2nd Edition) Apr 17th

Welcome to this 2nd edition of "Crazy Celebrity Insurance Policies". Whether it's Tom Jone's chest hair or Jimmy Durante's "nose" for success, be prepared to say to yourself "that's crazy"! One thing is for sure: the average person could not afford these premiums..... More »

Great-West Life websites hit with outage after IT upgrade Jun 28th

Various Great-West Life websites have been offline for several days following what the company calls a routine IT upgrade, but the benefits and insurance giant says it has not been the victim of a hack, and customers are able to file claims as normal..... More »

Tighter rules prompt mortgage slowdown as CMHC insured 41% fewer loans so far this year May 30th

Canada's housing agency saw a sharp decline in the number of home buyers who qualified for mortgage insurance under tougher rules implemented last fall..... More »
TV ads urge credit card use for even small purchasesVisa Canada wants you to use your credit card for small purchases, while Desjardins gives insurance discounts based on your driving patterns.

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Car-tracking device could lower premiums, insurers claimWould you give up a little of your privacy if it meant you could save money on your car insurance premiums? That’s the proposition from two Canadian insurance companies that have adopted something known as vehicle telematics.

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Ottawa’s unemployment rate dipped slightly in May as new jobs in finance, insurance, business and building services helped to buoy the local economy, Statistics Canada reported Friday. The agency said the unemployment rate in Ottawa dropped to 6.1 per cent, down from 6.2 per cent in March and 6.3 per cent in February.

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6 Financial Goals to Discuss With Your Financial Advisor
Why should you hire a financial advisor? The main reason isn’t just to make you rich (though that would be nice!). A good financial advisor actually offers you a complete picture of your overall financial situation, and can help you create a plan for your future that is fiscally sound.
In crafting a strategy for your money, expect to talk about all aspects of your life. Here are some factors that will be a part of your smart financial goals planning and strategy:
Setting Up Your Savings Toolbox
Planning for your future is not just about saving for retirement. An advisor will make sure you are saving for your senior years through a registered retirement savings plan (RRSP) and possibly a tax-free savings account (TFSA). However, they should also help you set up an emergency fund, deal with paying off your mortgage, plan for renovations and save for your children’s future. Part of a future financial plan also includes insurance. Your advisor may talk about life, disability and other insurance plans that will ensure that you’re not at risk of losing your savings because of something unexpected…

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Common Life Insurance Mistakes to Avoid


Avoid these common life insurance mistakes that can result in denied claims and applications. Always be forthright when applying and use these tips to navigate the “life insurance” waters.

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