17 home insurance myths to stop believing now Nov 12th

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Home insurance can be a tricky topic, and if you’re not reading the fine print, you could be relying on widely-held insurance myths to inform your coverage decisions. Let’s take a look at the home insurance myths and get the facts straight.

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1.MYTH: You must have home insurance.

FACT: Is home insurance required by law? Unlike auto insurance, home insurance has not been made mandatory by the government. However, if you’re asking “Is home insurance required for a mortgage?” you’ll get a different answer. If you own the property and have a mortgage on it, often, your bank or lender will require that you hold an active home insurance policy and name them on that policy. If you do not own the property but are renting it, your landlord may require that you have renter’s insurance.

2. MYTH: If I am away on vacation, my house is covered…

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