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Does a Higher Home Insurance Deductible Mean More Savings? + MORE Jun 28th

Home insurance can sometimes be tricky. You know you need a home insurance policy, but how do you find the right deductible amount? On the one hand, you want low monthly payments. On the other, you don’t want a high payment to make if something happens and you have to file a claim. But, what’s .... More »
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Can You Claim Bed Bugs on Your Insurance? Jun 12th

Bed bugs can be a travellers worst nightmare. These pesky bugs can attach themselves to luggage, briefcases and handbags. But, with preventative measures, you can protect your home when you travel to work or go on holiday. Use these tips to avoid bringing home any unexpected guests. What are Bed Bu.... More »
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This Year’s Best Credit Cards for Travel Perks May 15th

For the avid traveler, there are a few things you can’t go without – your passport, travel insurance, and a good travel rewards credit card. Those who travel pretty often already know – the opportunity to gain rewards with a good travel credit card are hard to resist. You can easily earn deep.... More »
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Do You Need to Insure a Car, Motorcycle, or RV That’s Sitting in Storage? Jul 14th

Everyone thinks about car insurance in terms of road liability. There are hefty fines for driving without insurance, and you should always have coverage in case of a collision. But what about those seasonal vehicles or classic cars you don’t drive? As it turns out, there’s good reason t.... More »
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Before You Sail Off: Independent vs Cruise Line Insurance for Protecting Your Trip Jun 20th

Booking a cruise comes with a few crucial decisions. How long you want to be at sea, which ports you’d like to visit, whether you’d like an adventure-filled experience or you simply want to relax in the sun; these are a few of the choices you’ll make as you design your trip. While.... More »
OPC Report: Equifax Failed to Protect Consumers and Information
Equifax Canada and U.S.-based parent Equifax Inc. failed to “implement appropriate security safeguards given the volume and sensitivity of the personal information held by Equifax Inc.,” according to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC).
In May 2017, Equifax suffered a security breach affecting an estimated 19,000 Canadians, who had their social insurance numbers and other identifying information stolen. This attack was not publicly disclosed until September 2017, nor were Canadian consumers immediately notified of the breach, despite their data being stored on servers in the U.S. In addition, remedies offered by Equifax to U.S. users of Equifax, such as a credit freeze, were not offered to Canadians.
In the investigation report published today, the OPC found that Equifax’s safeguards failed to include “basic information security practices,” and were “indicative of long-term systemic issues.” Crucially, Equifax Canada relied on the policies and practices of parent company Equifax Inc…

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Q. We are preparing our wills and have been advised that charitable donations are credited at 100% in the year of death, and can be used to reduce or eliminate the amount of tax owed for that year. How do we word this in our will so our executor understands our wishes, especially when they may not know the amount of tax the estate will owe? Any advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
— Mary
A. The tax rules for charitable deductions change frequently, so there is no guarantee any will instructions prepared in 2019 will be tax-appropriate in the future when your will is read.
You have many charitable options available to you when making your will, and it’s best to consult a lawyer to ensure you’re properly informed before making any decisions. (Your favourite charity may be able to recommend lawyers who can help you.) For example, Mary, to help you achieve your goal of maximizing tax deductions on your charitable donations, you could donate specific real estate, insurance policies or financial instruments as gifts…

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Ontario Budget 2019: What’s in it for You?
The Ontario government has now tabled its 2019 provincial budget.  It’s not the slash and burn budget many critics were expecting, but there are significant cuts to services in this province. This includes, indigenous affairs, children’s services and support for homeless and low income Ontarians.
The Progressive Conservative government adds, they will unable to balance the books for the province for another five years. In their own press release, the province says, “The 2019 Ontario Budget introduces no new taxes and, along with measures announced to date, will allow the government to provide a projected $26 billion in much-needed relief to individuals, families and businesses over six years, and eliminate the deficit.” The PC government plans to reduce the deficit by $1.4 billion in the 2019-20 fiscal year, lowering it to $10.3 billion
But what does this mean to regular Ontarians and their bottom line? Here are six key takeaways that affect your personal finances.

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The government says it is giving drivers more choice when deciding which auto insurance coverage suits their needs…

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