A guide to the best robo-advisors in Canada for 2019 + MORE Feb 28th

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Important tips on leaving real estate in your will May 11th

Q. In my will I am leaving my condominium and all of its contents to my son. I have taken out a life insurance policy so that he can use the money to pay the balance on my mortgage. What are the pros and cons of this plan? – Annie A. Hello, Annie. It’s clear that you’ve made your will, but you.... More »
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This Year’s Best Credit Cards for Travel Perks May 15th

For the avid traveler, there are a few things you can’t go without – your passport, travel insurance, and a good travel rewards credit card. Those who travel pretty often already know – the opportunity to gain rewards with a good travel credit card are hard to resist. You can easily earn deep.... More »
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Insurance Fraud: The Leading Cause of High Insurance Premiums for Canadians Jul 2nd

An ever-present, growing problem in the Canadian insurance industry is fraud. What some view as a “victimless crime” can affect thousands of insured Canadians. Insurance fraud can be well planned with a network of perpetrators working in tandem, or committed by a single person in a moment of du.... More »
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MORTGAGE 101: Understanding Different Mortgage Options + MORE Mar 28th

To new buyers, the real estate market can appear intimidating with jargon like amortization, mortgage insurance, fixed vs variable and so on. Here are some of the key terms and mortgage types you’ll encounter when shopping for your home loan. What is a Mortgage? A mortgage is a loan offered by fi.... More »
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So You Got Caught: How a DUI Will Affect Your Auto Insurance Jun 16th

If you’ve been convicted of impaired driving in Canada or were caught driving with a blood alcohol level greater than .08, you are probably wondering what to expect from your auto insurance company. You likely have a Canada-wide restriction on driving and face a steep fine or jail time. You m.... More »
It wasn’t long ago that robo-advisors were thought of as a newfangled millennial-made idea for investing-inept 20- and 30-somethings. Now, though, all sorts of Canadians, including high net-worth boomers and new-to-saving youngsters are pouring money into these easy-to-use and low-cost online operations. According to research aggregator Statista, Canadian robo-advisors hold US$5.5 billion in assets under management, which, it predicts, will climb to an estimated US$14 billion by 2022 for a 36.8% compound annual growth rate.
When the first robo-advisors came into being years ago, they offered investors two things: easy access to low-cost ETFs and an eye-catching interface that made tracking gains and losses a cinch. Now, there are robo-advisors that let you buy insurance, include over-the-phone financial and investing advice, access to RIFF and RESPs and more.
Our annual look at the best robo-advisors in Canada digs into the differences between the growing number of robo sites available to Canadian consumers…

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The Best (and Cheapest) Cars to Insure in Canada
Fact: The Honda Civic has been the best-selling car in Canada for 21 consecutive years, with more than two million models being sold nationwide since it first launched here in 1973, according to Honda. And though both cars saw a decline in sales year-over-year, the Honda Civic and the Toyota Corolla managed to snag the top spots on Canada’s best seller list in 2018. With more than 69,000 vehicles sold last year, the Honda Civic outsold the Toyota Corolla by more than 20,000 cars.
Check out the top 10 best-selling cars in Canada last year* below:

Honda Civic
Toyota Corolla
Hyundai Elantra
Chevrolet Cruze
Volkswagen Golf
Volkswagen Jetta
Toyota Camry
Kia Forte
Honda Accord

Volkswagen models the cheapest to insure
So sure, these cars may be rising in popularity. Chances are, nowadays, if you’re not driving a Civic, you saw tens or hundreds of them on your way to work this morning. But how do these best-selling cars rank in the cost for auto insurance?
To find out which of these best-sellers cost less to insure, we compared average car insurance quotes for a fictional 35-year-old driver with a clean driving record using the RateSupermarket…

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