Can you gain entry to your formerly shared home after a separation? May 7th

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Q. I have somewhat of a complicated situation regarding my separation and the separation agreement, so I’ll try my best to give you as much information as possible:

February 2004: Partner and I started living together. He had just purchased a townhouse with financial assistance from his mother. I gave him $1,000 to help with any immediate purchases that might be required.
April 2005: Leased a new 2005 Honda CRV with financial assistance from my mother in the amount of $5,000. Car and insurance remained in my name until the separation agreement was signed. As part of that agreement, I signed the CRV over to him as I had inherited my mother’s truck and had no need for a second vehicle.
July to August 2007: We decided to put the townhouse up for sale and purchase a house together. Townhouse was sold at a nice profit, which was used as a down payment on the new house we bought just north of Calgary.
October 2016: I moved out, making the decision to separate permanently.
June 2017: I signed a separation agreement that was drawn up by my ex…

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