Canada’s best credit cards for travel insurance 2022 May 19th

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Canada’s best credit cards for travel insurance 2022If you’re planning to travel this summer, you’ll need travel insurance if you plan to go out of province. These days, many of the credit cards available include some kind of travel insurance. While that’s a great selling feature for these cards, savvy Canadians know that not all insurance is created equal. There are a few kinds of coverage you actually need when travelling, like emergency medical and trip cancellation or interruption. Theft or baggage loss protection is a useful bonus, too. As to which travel credit card offers the right combination of features for you, that will depend largely on the type of traveller you are and the perks you’re most likely to use. For instance, if you’re a frequent flyer, you might want a card that offers an extensive travel insurance package, plus a great points system or lounge access. If you’re into road trips, a card with travel insurance and roadside assistance might be more your speed. We’ve rounded up the cards that offer great travel insurance for any type of globe trotter…

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