Canada’s best travel credit cards 2020 Nov 15th

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Canada’s best travel credit cards 2020With a good travel credit card in your name, going on a trip can suddenly become more affordable. And, you can get even more value if you sign up for the right travel credit card—one that doesn’t just focus on points, but also has perks such as lounge access, amazing insurance coverage and the flexibility to transfer points between cards.
The card you choose should be based on the type of travel you enjoy, where you spend the most money and which additional travel benefits fit your lifestyle. To help you pick the perfect card, we’ve come up with a list of Canada’s best travel credit cards.
The best travel credit cards in Canada 2020

Annual fee

MBNA Rewards Platinum Plus
(get more details)*

2 pts/$1 on groceries, gas & dining‡
1 pt/$1 on everything else
1 pt = 1% in travel rewards


American Express Cobalt
(get more details)*

5 pts/$1 on groceries & dining
2 pts/$1 on travel, gas & transit
1 pt/$1 on everything else
1 pt = 1% / up to 1…

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