Credit Card Review – SimplyCash Card from American Express Apr 17th

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Credit Card Review – SimplyCash Card from American Express
Among the ever-popular lineup of cash back credit cards, American Express offers two competitive daily spending-focused options. The SimplyCash™ Cards from American Express come with an intro bonus and rewards structure that rivals market leaders, but with a few key differences (think greater flexibility and plusher perks) that make it a unique option. Available in both a no-fee and Preferred version, consumers can choose between pure cash earnings, or pay a fee for additional features.
Card Details

SimplyCash™ Card from American Express
SimplyCash™ Preferred Card from American Express

Annual fee

Interest rate

Balance transfer rate
22.99% (1.99% for the first six months)
22.99% (1.99% for the first six months)

Cash advance rate

Supplementary card fee

Earning Potential: Good
During the Welcome Rate period, both iterations of the SimplyCash™ card offer one of the highest reward earning rates on the market, and include insurance and customer service features not usually offered in the cash back category…

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