Future of Car Insurance: How the PC Win Will Affect Rates in Ontario Jun 20th

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Future of Car Insurance: How the PC Win Will Affect Rates in Ontario
Now that the election is over, it’s unclear how newly-appointed Premier Doug Ford will tackle rising auto insurance rates in Ontario.
Over the course of the 2018 provincial elections, both the Liberal and NDP party touched on plans to tackle rising auto insurance rates in Ontario – a hot topic for any Ontario resident with a vehicle, as the province is known to have the highest rates in the country. However, now that Doug Ford’s PC party won the election, it’s unclear how rates will be affected. The party’s published agenda mentions items like scrapping the carbon tax and lowering hydro fees, but does not specifically address the subject of auto insurance in the province.
Prior to Ford becoming the party leader this past March, the PC party indicated that if it was in power, it would end the practice of factoring where you live into your auto insurance rates. Statistically, drivers in urban areas pay more for coverage than drivers in rural areas because insurers receive more claims in areas that are heavily populated and simply have more people on the road…

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