Hacks to Slash Your Mortgage and Clear Your Debt Early Aug 16th

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Hacks to Slash Your Mortgage and Clear Your Debt Early
Finding you the best financial practices is what gets us up in the morning. And our staff is a great resource for these ideas. So we polled the staff in our office to ask one simple question:  What mortgage hacks do you use to speed up your mortgage payments?
Here are their best tips for getting out of debt early:
Get a Head Start
The Down Payment
Find acceptable sacrifices to save a bigger down payment. If you have RRSP funds, leverage the RRSP homebuyers plan. If you can amass a 20 percent down payment, you’ll save thousands in mandatory mortgage insurance premiums. (Mortgage default insurance is required when your down payment is below 20 percent).
Compare Mortgage Rates
Make sure you are fully aware of all the mortgage options available to you, and compare mortgage rates at RateSupermarket.ca. Saving just 1/4 percent off your rate could save you thousands – and if you use those savings to make extra payments you’ll pay down principal even faster, compounding the interest you save…

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