How to get lower home insurance Aug 7th

Insurance policy getting you down? There are always sound insurance alternatives.
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Lower home insurance prices are possible, if you’re willing to shop around and you know what factors can affect your premium. Here’s how to get good, cheap home insurance—but not too cheap—to protect what is likely your biggest asset. 
How much does home insurance cost?
The average Canadian household pays $960 per year for home insurance. Individual premiums are based on wide-ranging factors such as a home’s size, type, replacement value, location, age, construction quality, building materials, security features and proximity to a fire hydrant or fire station. Major home insurance companies and independent insurers also consider the value of a home’s contents and how the property is used (say, if you have tenants or operate a business on-site). They also look at aspects related to homeowners themselves, such as age and claims history. 
Your premium will also depend on your level of coverage. Below are the four policy options, from most to least coverage. Note that whichever type you get, valuables like jewellery, furniture, art and sports gear typically have coverage limits, so you may want additional insurance for these…

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