Making sense of the markets this week: April 2, 2023 Apr 2nd

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Why is auto insurance so expensive in Alberta? Dec 7th

Auto insurance in Alberta has been in the news recently with Premier Danielle Smith’s announcement that insurance rate premium hikes for “good drivers” will be capped at 3.7% as of January 1, 2024. The government chose this percentage to match Alberta’s inflation rate in September 2023, the .... More »

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Disability insurance can be a tricky topic, and misinformation is common. Luckily, insurEye, a Canadian insurance education site, has compiled a list of more than 100 disability myths that need busting. We’ve picked seven that we think are most prevalent. Get personalized quotes from Canad.... More »

Attention, ESG investors: Canada’s biggest carbon-emitting public companies Jan 24th

The effects of climate change are a risk to Canadians and the Canadian economy in more ways than one. There are the direct issues, like fires, floods and storms, increasing in both frequency and intensity (plus threatening lives and homes, and raising home insurance premiums, too). There are financi.... More »
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Your FHSA timeline: What to invest in and when Nov 29th

Before you make an offer to buy your first home, you’ll have to determine your budget and save up enough money for a down payment (typically about 20% of the home’s value). That’s probably going to be a good chunk of change—Canada’s housing market is expensive, and if you put down less tha.... More »

What is a cashable GIC? + MORE Dec 23rd

Canadian investors have been struggling with high inflation for a couple of years now. In an attempt to cool inflation down, the Bank of Canada (BoC) continues to keep interest rates high. As a result, the interest rates available for guaranteed investment certificates (GICs) look to be pretty attra.... More »
Making sense of the markets this week: April 2, 2023Kyle Prevost, editor of Million Dollar Journey and founder of the Canadian Financial Summit, shares financial headlines and offers context for Canadian investors.

Freeland fires again at Canadian Banks

There are several big-picture looks at the important aspects of the Canadian federal budget that was unveiled on Tuesday. For this week’s “Making sense of the markets this week” column, we’re focussing on two lesser-reported items buried in the details: A new measure aimed at Canadian banks, and another at corporate shareholders. (Read MoneySense’s full coverage of the 2023 federal budget.)

The 2023 federal budget and banks

If you’re a Canadian bank shareholder you may already be smarting from the hit you took in the last budget when the Canada Recovery Dividend was announced, and an extra 1.5% corporate tax was placed on banking and life insurance companies.

On Tuesday, Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland announced that the Income Tax Act would be amended, and that dividends received on Canadian shares held by Canadian banks and insurers would be treated as business income…

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