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Trip Planning and Travel Insurance Dec 11th

Planning a trip can be a very exciting time. You have a destination picked out and you are looking forward to activities that you love to do. Hotel rooms are booked, and you cannot wait to get going. But have you taken steps to protect yourself from medical emergencies? What about protecting yourse.... More »

How Small Businesses Can Stay Safe Against Cyberattacks + MORE Oct 19th

Today’s cyber thieves aren’t lone hackers working from their basements. Cybercrime increasingly has become full-fledged enterprises, complete with CFOs, HR teams and research and development budgets—and this “professionalization” of cybercrime presents a growing risk for small businesses, .... More »

How You Can Protect Your Data from Cybercriminals Aug 4th

If you found a USB stick in the bathroom at work, would you plug it into your computer to see what’s on it? Preying on our inherent curiosity is one clever way cybercriminals try to trick us into making security mistakes in an effort to gain access to sensitive computer systems and launch a cyber .... More »

Dating dilemma: When to talk about finances Mar 16th

When it comes to popular first-date conversation topics, credit scores and debt levels aren’t at the top of the list. Even committed couples may find it hard to broach financial topics like retirement planning or estate planning. But as the cost of living goes up and people try to plan for the fut.... More »

The best credit cards in Canada for 2024 Apr 5th

Spend The best credit cards in Canada for 2024 Whether you’re looking for rewards, low fees or valuable perks like travel insurance or airport lounge access, we can help. Compare now powered by Why trus.... More »
As hundreds of wildfires ravage parts of Canada—and their smoke drifts into neighbouring regions, worsening air quality—we’re increasingly feeling the impacts of the climate emergency. Climate change and dry, hot weather have contributed to the “unprecedented” conditions we’re seeing at the start of wildfire season, as government ministers told the media in early June. “It’s a simple fact that Canada’s experiencing the impacts of climate change, including more frequent and more extreme wildfires,” said Jonathan Wilkinson, natural resources minister.

Canada is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world, according to a report by the federal government in 2019. The highest temperature increases are in the North, the Prairies and northern B.C. Over time, we’ll see more precipitation, snowstorms, wind, hail, floods, droughts, smog, wildfires and “extreme heat events,” like the heat dome that scorched Lytton B.C., in 2021. That means more weather damage to infrastructure, businesses and homes—and a corresponding rise in insurance claims…

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Making sense of the markets this week: June 18, 2023Kyle Prevost, editor of Million Dollar Journey and founder of the Canadian Financial Summit, shares financial headlines and offers context for Canadian investors.

The U.S. Fed pauses rate hikes—for now

On Wednesday, the U.S. Federal Reserve decided to pause raising interest rates after 10 consecutive months of hikes and increased pain for borrowers. This decision came on the heels of May’s consumer price index (CPI) report from the Labor Department on Tuesday.

The report revealed the annualized inflation rate now stands at 4%, edging closer to the U.S. Fed’s 2% target, and providing substantial evidence that tighter monetary policy is working. That said, the core inflation measure (which strips out food and energy price movements) was still at a worrisome 5.3%.  

Source: CNBC

Gasoline, health insurance, airline fees, appliances and vehicle prices were all down substantially from a year ago. Whereas food, services and shelter were the main drivers for inflation…

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