National Bank of Canada World Elite Mastercard review Oct 31st

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National Bank of Canada World Elite Mastercard reviewNational Bank’s World Elite Mastercard has long earned accolades for its included insurance, robust points program and unique and valuable perks, making it a solid choice as a travel card. With the fall 2022 restructuring of its rewards program and other adjustments affecting insurance and the reimbursement of travel expenses, it’s time to revisit the card to see if it’s still a great pick.

We’ll get into the details below in our National Bank World Elite Mastercard review, but here are some highlights. This card still offers one of the very best travel insurance packages on the market—particularly for the hard-to-insure older market between 65 and 75 years old. The points program has been simplified, making rewards redemption easier, and you can still use your points toward a wide variety of options, from statement credits to travel. And speaking of travel, this card still gets you exclusive benefits like free airport lounge stays (at Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport only) and annual rebates on travel expenses…

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