The Best American Express® Credit Cards in Canada Oct 31st

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The Best American Express® Credit Cards in Canada
It is a long-held belief that Amex® cards are just for the wealthy – but their current selection of cards should help to dispel that myth. From no-fee cards with low balance transfer offers, to top tier cards with VIP benefits and comprehensive travel insurance, there really is something for everyone.
Whether you collect points, are a frequent flyer or want the simplicity of cash back, there is an American Express® card available. They are now accepted by almost all major Canadian retailers (and most of the smaller ones too), so you won’t have to change your spending habits.
Exclusive to Amex® cardholders, The American Express Invites® program boasts advanced and reserved ticket access, special offers and exclusive experiences. On top of this, purchase protection, extended warranty, emergency card replacement and fraud protection are all guaranteed.
Interested? You should be! But which is the best American Express® credit card in Canada? Read on to learn more about each card, and discover which one is right for you…

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