The Complete Package: How Much are Benefits and Bonuses Really Worth? Jun 4th

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CitiBank Cuts Travel Insurance On Credit Cards Jul 6th

Canadians with Citibank cards may enjoy the benefits that come with it, including travel and insurance perks. But as of September 22, 2019, Citibank has announced it is slashing those benefits – particularly the ones associated with travel. The benefits that will no longer be honored are worldwid.... More »
The Complete Package: How Much are Benefits and Bonuses Really Worth?
If you’ve ever had to debate the pro’s and con’s of a new job offer, or renegotiate a contract, you know it’s not always easy to evaluate the worth of a potential compensation package. Benefits and bonuses add a lot of complexity to the process; it doesn’t always come down to salary dollars and cents.
Benefits can quickly add up to make the compensation package more competitive, and it’s important to truly understand their worth. Five of the most common employee benefits include: health and dental insurance, group life insurance, training expenses, vehicle allowances, and gifts and awards. All of these perks could make up more than 20 percent of your total compensation package. Here’s how to evaluate them fairly, and know if you’re really getting a good deal.
Time is money, so think about its true value
There is nothing more valuable than your time, but paid days off are something we often don’t consider as compensation. It’s harder to place value on them than a straight up salary number, but a higher take-home pay isn’t always more important in the long run…

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