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Over the last few years, drivers in Ontario have been eligible for discounts or incentives based on safe driving behaviour. Recent regulatory changes mean that now some providers of pay-as-you-drive policies could increase a customer’s premium if the tracking in these programs reveal risk to the provider. Behaviour like speeding, distracted driving, quick braking, and acceleration could come with a price tag.

At Onlia, we believe in motivation over discouragement, and rewards over penalties. Our telematics-based app, Onlia Sense™, enables us to give cash back to our customers for safe driving, encouraging positive road usage. For our customers, a personal drive score determines the share of reward received, with the opportunity to increase rewards with continued and consistent use of Onlia Sense over time. 

But data tracked in the app is not tied to a customer’s premium, and won’t impact prices. Not all providers follow this philosophy, and some drivers who opt for a pay-as-you-drive may see an increase in what they pay if they take too many risks…

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