What is an Insurance Grace Period? Sep 13th

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What is an Insurance Grace Period?

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What is an Insurance Grace Period?
Life gets busy sometimes. It’s not surprising you might forget to pay your insurance premium. But what does that mean for your coverage? Some insurance is optional, but some — like auto — is mandatory. So, the last thing you want is a cancelled policy.
Thankfully, you might not need to panic. You usually have time to get caught up on your missed payment by virtue of the insurance grace period. But the late payment has repercussions, and the details of those depend on your insurance contract.
Finding the Grace Period
You can find the specific grace period for your insurance outlined in your policy. According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, a grace period is the time after a premium is overdue during which you can pay the premium without a penalty. Your policy is not suspended, nor is it cancelled during this time.
Your Rights as a Consumer
Some kinds of insurance, like auto, are closely regulated. That gives you some rights when it comes to grace periods. In Ontario, the Auto Insurance Consumers’ Bill of Rights says you have the right to keep your policy within 30 days of one or two rejected automatic payments for non-sufficient funds…

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