What you need to know before starting a home renovation Feb 8th

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Q. I’m about to start a home renovation. What type of paperwork and contracts should I have with the contractor? And do I need any type of insurance in case anything goes wrong, or am I already covered under a home insurance policy?
A. These are all good questions, Sharon. Let’s start with the type of paperwork or contracts you as a homeowner should have with the renovator you hire. The short answer to this one is simple: you should have the kind that is thorough and in writing.
Much of the litigation I am involved in that’s related to home renovations is the result of the parties not entering into a written contract at all or not entering into a written contract that properly addresses everything that will go on between the parties during the renovation process. Having a thorough written contract is the best way for both the homeowner and the contractor to maximize the likelihood of things going smoothly. To put this another way, it will minimize the chance either will feel the need to get involved in litigation…

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