When Your Neighbor’s Tree Falls, Who’s Responsible? Apr 29th

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When Your Neighbor’s Tree Falls, Who’s Responsible?
A beautiful landscape with mature trees is picturesque. That is until a neighbor’s tree falls in your yard. Blame it on high winds or lack of upkeep, but accidents happen. And tree damage can quickly create tension among neighbors if you don’t know how to handle the situation.
Use these tips to avoid arguments and have that messy cleanup handled properly.
Who’s at Fault?
Unfortunately, when a neighbor’s tree falls in your yard, it’s your responsibility to clean it up – – in some circumstances. A tree falling unexpectedly can happen from severe weather like a hurricane or storm. Or, it can happen due to neglect.
When It’s Weather-Related
Exterior wind damage is responsible for some home insurance claims. Substantial rains can soak roots and topple mature trees making them highly susceptible to winds. In this case, the owner of the tree is not responsible for damage to neighboring properties.
If your neighbor’s tree falls in your yard, contact your insurance company…

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