2022 Income Tax Guide for Canadians: Deadlines, tax tips and more + MORE May 1st

TSX getting you down? There are always sound investment alternatives.
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Ask MoneySense
My bank is suggesting market-tracking GICs as an investment portfolio for part of my retirement nest egg. What is the deal (pros / cons) with this type of investment?—Bryan

Should you buy market-linked GICs?

Guaranteed investment certificates (GICs) are safe investments that can be purchased by Canadians. They typically have a term of between one and five years and pay a predetermined rate of interest to investors.

What is a market-linked GIC?

Some financial institutions offer GICs that are tied to the return of a particular stock market or stock market sector over the term, like those your bank is recommending, Bryan. They are most commonly referred to as market-linked or equity-linked GICs, but they may have other names.

These GICs have variable returns that depend on the performance of the underlying index. As an example, a GIC with a return based on the S&P/TSX Capped Financial Index will have its interest rate determined by the bank, insurance and investment company stocks that trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange…

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It’s been quite a year for numbers, hasn’t it? From rising interest rates to steep stock market drops, finances have been headline news throughout 2022. It’s almost enough to make you forget about tax season. But with the tax deadline approaching, you have a few reminders (see the dates below), as well as this, our MoneySense 2022 Income Tax Guide for Canadians.

You’ll find lots of good info to help you prepare. Here’s a table of contents for the guide’s topics, plus in-depth coverage for many of them. 

2022 Income Tax Guide Table of Contents
Tax-related dates to know

Tax claims for Canadians and changes for 2022 income taxes

Prepping your taxes

RRSP contribution room

TFSA contribution room

How GICs are taxed

Tax tips for Canadians

How to get started on your tax return

Complicated tax situations and more

More reading for 2022 taxes

When are T4s due, tax deadline for 2022 and other important dates

April 30th may be burned into your brain as the date when taxes are due, but this year that is not the case—it falls on a Sunday in 2023…

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The Importance of Crafting a Compelling Narrative About Your CompanyThe journey from idea to IPO is a difficult one. In this series, we look at how founders scaled their startups and reached new milestones.

Brandon Moffatt has spent his career solving complex problems. As owner and vice president of London, Ont.-based StormFisher Hydrogen, Moffatt has led the development and construction of more than $1 billion in clean energy infrastructure and is currently developing a facility for creating hydrogen and other low-carbon fuels. He’s an entrepreneur, an engineer and an environmentalist, and he excels at all three. In short, he and his company have a good story to tell. His problem? Finding the right way to tell it.

“We know what we’re doing on setting up the companies and engaging with corporate buyers,” Moffatt says. “But we’ve always been a steak-and-potatoes business. We’ve always approached it as, we’ll just do our job, and people will learn about us. We haven’t necessarily been telling our story.”

This build-it-and-the-words-will-come approach is not uncommon among busy company founders, especially those who work in highly technical fields…

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