Alberta and Quebec lead the country in CMHC-insured mortgage deferrals – + MORE May 21st

TSX getting you down? There are always sound investment alternatives.
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The best TFSA investments in Canada for 2020
Table of contents

Mutual Funds

If you’re using your tax-free savings account solely to deposit cash over the long term, Certified Financial Planner Trevor Kearns says you’re not using the TFSA to its full potential. 
You have more options (and better potential gains) than that. Kearns tells many of his clients to mentally drop the “A” in TFSA and to think of it as more of a “portfolio” than an “account.” Many will deposit up to $6,000 per year (or up to $65,900 cumulative contribution, if they’re catching up from previous years), into a registered savings account to benefit from fact their money will earn interest tax-free, and can be withdrawn without penalty. (Also, worthy to note, with a TFSA  you can make withdrawals, and if you withdraw enough to bring your balance below the lifetime maximum (or equivalent for your age, if you are younger), you regain that contribution room. You can’t do that with RRSPs.)
Using a TFSA as “a savings vehicle,” Kearns says, “you may make 1% interest…

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Alberta and Quebec lead the country in CMHC-insured mortgage deferrals  CBC.caThe Canadian government kneecapping its own housing market is unprecedented  ForexLiveReal estate resilient during COVID-19 but CMHC warns about debt’s effect  Yahoo Canada FinanceCanadian Real Estate Faces A New Problem: Deflation  Better DwellingIf you don’t have rock-solid finances, now is not the time to buy a home  The Globe and MailView Full coverage on Google News

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Tara and John* were engaged six months after they met and, for a while, their future seemed bright. Both were recent university graduates: Tara worked as a server while trying to break into her field and John had landed a job at a major bank. They discussed plans for their life together and things seemed idyllic—but in retrospect, Tara recognizes there were signs of the trouble to come.
Despite their having separate bank accounts, John asked Tara to turn over most of her income so he could handle their finances. “Here’s this guy whose specialty is investing,” she says. “It felt OK because we were supposed to be a team with shared goals. But I never had access to the money.”
As Tara got work in her field and her income increased, she continued to hand over her paycheques, believing it made sense for her financial advisor husband to manage their expenses. “I’d have to check in with him to spend any money,” she says, and John would often refuse.
Several years into their marriage, John was withholding money and information about their finances while regularly berating Tara about her spending habits, which she describes as minimal and family-related…

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