Are ETFs a good investment for an all-weather portfolio? + MORE Feb 2nd

How to go about securing the best return for your investment in Canada.
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The convenience of making purchases with your credit card comes with many advantages, like rewards, perks and a solid credit history. However, if used irresponsibly, this financial tool can lead to unmanageable debt and a low credit score. So, how can you be a responsible credit card owner? I will explain how credit cards work, what to look for in a credit card, and the proper way to handle one.

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For retirees and near retirees, it can sometimes seem like there’s no such thing as a “safe” investment—especially now. Even bonds and bond funds, typically considered the safest of investments—suffered losses in 2022, as central banks hiked interest rates. Meanwhile, stocks look determined to retreat from the all-time highs they reached in the year following the short-lived initial COVID bear market. 

It’s true short-term bank savings accounts and guaranteed investment certificates (GICs) seem relatively safe from both stock meltdowns and precipitous rises in interest rates, but now there’s the added scourge of rising inflation. Even if you can earn 5% annually on a GIC, if inflation is running at 6%, you’re actually losing 1% a year.

Are ETFs a good investment for an all-weather portfolio? 

It’s tempting to throw your hands up and retreat to those much-praised asset allocation exchange traded funds (ETFs). You can use these types of investments to simulate the classic pension mix of 60% stocks to 40% bonds through Vanguard Canada’s VBAL or similar ETFs from rivals, including iShares’ XBAL and BMO’s ZBAL…

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