Bill Gates: Windows Phone could have defeated Android – TechRadar Nov 7th

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Scotiabank credit cards: A breakdown of the bank’s best cards + MORE Nov 25th

Scotiabank (originally called the Bank of Nova Scotia) is technically older than Canada itself. Founded in Halifax in 1832, the bank beat Confederation by 35 years. With that amount of history in the business, it’s no surprise the bank can offer and support a wide variety of products—including 1.... More »

6 Ways Businesses Can Use Money Wisely + MORE Nov 19th

Of the many moving parts that go into running a business, the financial structure is arguably the most important one to manage. This stems from the fact that this structure is what dictates in what direction business can go. Also, it dictates how quickly they can go in that direction. For example, i.... More »

How to recover financially from divorce + MORE Dec 4th

Right off the top, it’s important to acknowledge that there are no secret strategies for magically avoiding the financial impact of divorce. Divorce is difficult. You may lose half of your assets—or more—during the process of equalization. You may have ongoing spousal support or child supp.... More »
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Oil dips after US stock build, but demand hopes support - CNBC + MORE Dec 18th

Oil dips after US stock build, but demand hopes support  CNBCOil Prices Fall As API Reports A Surprise Crude Build  OilPrice.comOil rises further above $65 on trade hopes, supply cuts  The Globe and MailOil rises to 3-month highs on U.S.-China trade hopes, supply cuts&n.... More »
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Canada’s best Mastercard credit cards 2020 Dec 13th

As one of the top credit card companies in the world, Mastercard is both extremely popular and also nearly universally accepted. For those already banking at BMO Bank of Montreal, a major Canadian bank that associates with Mastercard, these cards may offer all the perks you’re after, along with op.... More »
Bill Gates: Windows Phone could have defeated Android  TechRadarBill Gates thinks Windows Mobile would have beaten Android without Microsoft’s antitrust woes  The VergeBill Gates blames anti-trust lawsuit for Microsoft’s big miss on mobile: ‘Instead of using Android today, you would be using Windows Mobile’  Business InsiderBill Gates revisits missed opportunities with Windows Phone and talks wealth tax at New York Times DealBook Conference  OnMSFTBill Gates Refused to Say Who He Would Support in Hypothetical Trump vs. Warren Race  ComplexView full coverage on Google News

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