Cannabis producer Aphria's shares seesaw on 3rd day since short seller's attack + MORE Dec 5th

How to go about securing the best return for your investment in Canada.
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CFO of Chinese tech giant Huawei arrested in Vancouver, sought by U.S. for extradition + MORE Dec 6th

Canadian officials have arrested Wanzhou Meng, the chief financial officer and deputy chairwoman of the board for the Chinese tech giant Huawei, CBC News has confirmed..... More »

Huawei is 'growing astronomically' despite allegations it spies for China Dec 7th

The arrest of Huawei's chief financial officer is just the latest controversy to befall the tech giant which has been accused of having ties to the Chinese government and used for espionage activities..... More »

China's threats over Huawei CFO's arrest rattle Canadian business Dec 11th

As China continues to threaten Canada with unnamed “consequences” if it doesn't release the chief financial officer of Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei, some in Canada’s business community are openly worried about what’s coming next..... More »

Ride-hailing services Uber and Lyft preparing to become public companies + MORE Dec 10th

The two largest ride-hailing companies appear set to go public, with both Uber and Lyft making confidential filings with the U.S. Securities Commission for an IPO..... More »
The clothing company’s total sales for the three months ended Nov. 3 were $87 million, down three per cent from $89.7 million last year when Roots benefited from Canada’s 150th anniversary celebrations. Roots went public in 2017.

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Shares in battered Canadian cannabis company Aphria seesaw after the company that sold them assets a short seller says are worthless defends the transaction.

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5 Initial Investments that Can Help Cut Down Operating Costs LaterSetting up a business needs to be supported by monetary investment. However, the initial investment is not the only drain you will have on your business funds. To have your business functioning smoothly operating costs will need to be constantly taken care of. From rent to office supplies, the expenses can take much of the money that your business makes. To ensure that your profits are higher you need to reduce the operating cost. When setting up your business, you can make the right investments to cut down costs in the long run.
Bulk Purchases
Even if you are planning a small-scale business, there are certain things that you can buy in bulk. When creating your business plan, you can see what your recurring expenses are. Whether it is a raw material or office stationery you can order them in bulk to cut down on costs. Vendors that supply inventory to offices offer lower prices when they supply products in bulk. Negotiating prices with vendors can be easier if you are ordering a large number of items…

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National Bank of Canada hiked its dividend as it reported fourth-quarter net income of $566 million, up eight per cent from the previous year, as each of its three main business units improved earnings. Laurentian Bank of Canada did not fare as well.

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